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Student organizations ImPRessions, Thumbprint will merge to form 1804 Communications

Sydney Otto | Apr 26, 2017

Student organizations ImPRessions, Thumbprint will merge to form 1804 Communications

By Sydney Otto

ATHENS, Ohio (April 26, 2017)—This fall, a new organization in the Scripps College of Communication will be created. Two student organizations, Thumbprint and the Public Relations Student Society of America’s ImPRessions, are combining to form the new organization 1804 Communications.

Previously, ImPRessions was more focused on the public relations side of the business while Thumbprint was closer to an ad agency. ImPRessions works on social media outreach as well as event organization for clients while Thumbprint focuses more on the creative and advertising side of the business.

The initial decision to join forces was an easy one. The two organizations have previously worked together and ultimately the decision was a reflection of the business today. Firms don’t always hire out their advertising or PR teams, they tend to hire full time employees who work alongside each other.  

The integrated student communications firm will provide local clients with a wide range of opportunities for different PR and creative services. “It will give students from both organizations opportunities to work for clients, provide clients with creative communications and give local companies the opportunity to receive free, as of now, work from the students,” said Danielle McCarthy, the director of client services for Thumbprint.

Together, the organizations are working to give their clients a more well-rounded experience. As 1804 Communications, they’re hoping to develop a few longer campaign creations as well as short term social media work.

“It might be weird for the first year as we transition, but hopefully with the help of strong leadership, we’ll be able to move forward and everyone will enjoy the opportunity,” said Austin Ambrose, the CEO of ImPRessions.

The new managing director for the firm will be Allison Arnold. She will start in her position this fall when the two organizations officially merge. They’re planning on having weekly meetings with all firm members present.