Testimonials from Participants

Video Testimonial: Ayleen Cabas-Mijares, member of first prize Team Ubuntu, reflects on her Scripps Innovation Challenge experience.


Video Testimonial: Student participants in the Ohio University Scripps Innovation Challenge from 2013 to 2015 explain what challenges they choose, why they participated, and what they gained from competing in the competition.
"I participated in the SIC during its first year in 2013. The SIC was by far the most rewarding extra-curricular program that I was a part of; I gained new knowledge and valuable experience from participating, and my team had the honor of winning the first place prize. By participating in the SIC, I gained hands-on business and entrepreneurial skills that I would not have been exposed to in a standard classroom setting. A few of the most important areas I gained experience in included market research, white paper/business proposal drafting, as well as selling an idea by crafting an engaging sales pitch. 
 The skills I gained from the SIC were what resonated most with my employer, therefore, I truly believe my experience and success in the SIC is the reason I was offered the position. Everything I learned in the competition directly correlated to the type of work I am doing as a program manager at my company today."
Leah Petrovich, Progam Manager
New York 

Video Testimonial : Sanusi Shehu, a mechanical engineering major, was part of Team DuMonde, which won $10,000 First Place Prize and $5,000 Diversity Prize in the 2015 Scripps Innovation Challenge.


"As a proud graduate of Ohio University I can honestly say that the Scripps Innovation Challenge was one of the few experiences I had as an undergraduate that refined my skills as a professional.  As I interviewed with more than ten companies, my ability to explain my team's SIC solution was a “goldmine” because I had an intuitive understanding of how our solution solved the challenge in a technical, business and marketing perspective. There are very few competitions that I would suggest students to participate in but as from experience The SIC is the ultimate challenge and is far more valuable than a syllabus written education." 
Anthony Aerni
IT, Washington D.C.
"The Scripps Innovation Challenge was invaluable in setting me on this path and having experience to achieve what I didn’t think as possible. I would recommend the Scripps Innovation Challenge to students because I learned about developing my own startup company, and practiced working on a long-term project with student team. This atypical group project actually feels like a rewarding team effort; it’s a project that people share their skills in no matter what major, and take ownership of their craft."

Sierra Ferrier


Video Testimonial: Ryan Vibbert, a senior at Ohio University, explains the benefits he got out of competing in and winning the Scripps Innovation Challenge in 2013.



Video Testimonial: Journalism student Sarah Tranelli was a member of the team that won $10,000 in the first Scripps Innovation Challenge.


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