Testimonials from Professionals


"Everyone loved them and their idea. They were great OU ambassadors."

Bob Deans
Director for Strategic Engagement
Natural Resource Defense Council
“It’s amazing to see the wonderful opportunities that the students of today have. And, from my perspective, the Innovation Challenge is one of the best. It provides students with a ‘real life’ challenge to solve as part of a team in a creative way. It tests their ability to: develop ‘out of the box’ solutions; manage time - after all, this is on top of their school, work, athletic and social commitments; work collaboratively with others; consider and design solutions for diverse cultures; demonstrate proficiency with the tools of today - e.g., developing mobile apps; and, present their ideas in a coherent, engaging manner. It’s definitely a leadership development opportunity, to say nothing of a great resume builder!”
Terrie Temkin, Ph.D.
Founding Principal
CoreStrategies for Nonprofits, Inc.
Miami, FL 
“I found the Scripp’s College of Communication Innovation Challenge to be an excellent opportunity for “real world” team building and creative problem solving. I was very impressed with the finalists I saw and the many different approaches each team took in meeting the challenge with which they were tasked. Participation in such an event provides incredible benefits to a student and is certainly something I would look at in making my hiring decisions.”
Paula M. Shugart
Miss Universe Organization
New York
“The Scripps Innovation Challenge is also an articulation challenge.  Besides incentivizing innovation, it tests and rewards a vital life skill:  making your case in public with the clock ticking.” 
Ken Klein
Executive Vice President / Government Affairs
Outdoor Advertising Association of America
Washington, DC
I'm a big fan of this and I think it provides the students with a great opportunity to view challenges in a more comprehensive way -- analyzing the competition, creating business plans, learning how to do a presentation, and, of course, innovating. As we know, most kids that age don't usually think holistically and this challenge pushes them outside their comfort zones. 
Randy Rieland
Digital Editorial Director
Remedy Health Media LLC
“The Scripps Innovation Challenge moves university students who are distant admirers of innovation and entrepreneurship to active aspirants who see the future and want to grab it. The contestants are the people that I want to hire for their willingness to strive, push their boundaries, and take risks that separate those who graduate with book-learning from those in this Challenge who apply their university lessons early to shape their career and promote the success of their future employers. The Challenge provides fertile ground to retain and advance America’s position as a leader of innovation in the world.'
Henry Heilbrunn
Member, Dean’s Advisory Council
Washington, DC
“The Scripps Innovation Challenge provides students with a unique opportunity to analyze and propose creative solutions to real-world communication problems.  Watching the students on ‘Pitch Day’ reminded me how very young they are, and how frequently those of us judging their performances forget that fact.  Students undoubtedly benefit greatly from this chance to test their knowledge, innovative problem-solving skills, and verbal and visual communication ability.  From my perspective in graduate education, I thought the critical thinking skills the students were forced to develop on the spot, in response to questions from the judges, was especially valuable.  I wish more of my graduate-school students had participated in this sort of competition before they enrolled at my school.”
Kathy L. Cerminara
Professor of Law
Director of Faculty Development
Nova Southeastern University
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 
“I enjoyed observing the Pitch Day and came away from the event with immense pride for the Scripps students who participated in the 2015 Innovation Challenge. They were prepared and delivered their presentations in a professional manner. If only this opportunity had been available to me as a Scripps student. Lessons learned in team collaboration, research, presentation skills, and delivery to a large audience would have been such an asset before landing my first PR job.” 
Carolyn M. Cuppernull
Director of Sales and Business Development
Herndon, VA
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