2018 Challenge


The AT&T Foundation Challenge

Media and communications industries have long played an important role in creating and supporting public-interest campaigns. With changing digital habits, particularly by youth, such campaigns need to be reimagined. Plan an effective and innovative public-interest campaign for the following real-world problem:

In an increasingly digital age, high school graduation and college- or industry-ready preparation are critical factors for young people’s future success. Students in Appalachian Ohio have unique challenges compared to their urban counterparts, such as larger geographical separations, less access to reliable high-speed Internet, and higher rates of income inequality.

Take as your basis a program or strategy for successfully increasing high school graduation rates or improving high school students’ college and industry readiness and, if necessary, modify the program or strategy to succeed in Appalachian Ohio. 

If your approach is technical (such as a broadband innovation), explain the innovation and supporting framework necessary to make the innovation sustainable.

If your approach is focused on changing behavior or expectatons, explain the media and communications strategies and outreach campaign that must underlie your program for it to be successful. What methods would you use to recruit program advocates and encourage behavior changes? How would you innovatively use public media, advertising, social media platforms, applications of digital technology, gamification, or other digital communication tools and methods to reach your target audience(s)? How will you make your messaging believable and actionable?

All innovation initiatives have costs and benefits.  Include an overview of the additional resources and financing that would be required to implement your technical innovation or campaign.

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