2012-2013 Challenges


1. Find a Way to Entice Young People into a Career in Broadcast Sales (JAWCO Inc.)

2. Design a Multi-media Plan to Attract Applicants for Radio Jobs (V-Treck Communications, Inc.)

3. Create an app to engage Millenials in News (KDVR-TV Fox 31 / KWGN Channel 2)

4. Make Local News Relevant for Young TV Viewers (WJW Fox8)

5. Find New and Profitable Uses for AM Radio Signals (Radio One Inc., Cleveland)

6. Help a Radio Station Promote a Community Improvement Plan (WCBO-AM / WQEL-FM / CrawfordCountyNow.com)

7. A Newspaper Needs a Way to Monetize 60,000 Twitter Followers (The Columbus Dispatch)

8. Convince Older Newspaper Readers to Embrace Digital Products (The Plain Dealer)

9. Newspaper Needs Social Media Campaign to Engage Non-subscribers (The Plain Dealer)

10. Craft a Strategy to Get More Young People to Consume News (Ogden Newspapers)

11. Design a Multi-platform Plan to Engage Young Readers (Ogden Newspapers)

12. How Can Newspapers Make Money from Their Archives (Ogden Newspapers)

13. Invent Ways to Get People to Submit Reader-generated Content (Ogden Newspapers)

14. Help Radio Stations Retain Over-the-air Listeners (North American Broadcasting Company)

15. Create Ways for Readers to Tailor Information to their Needs (Akron Beacon Journal)

16. Use "Augmented Reality" to Engage Media Consumers (Anonymous)

17. Create a Mobile App for Local Events, Eateries, and Attractions (Anonymous)

18. How to Teach New Media Skills to Veteran Journalists (Anonymous)
19. Create a Downloadable Daily Podcast of Top Stories (Knoxville News Sentinel)
20. Invent a way to Instantly Share Public Safety News with the Public (WELW Radio)

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