Social Media Certificate spotlight: Lyric Albert

Sam Spinale
February 16, 2022

Lyric Albert is a current senior at Ohio University who is set to graduate at the end of this semester. She is pursuing a major in communication studies, minors in marketing and advertising/PR and certificates in social media and diversity studies. She shares her experience in the social media industry, including working with companies like CLE Cotton Candy, Curology, and the Ohio University Black Student Union.

What work have you previously been and are currently involved with?

I was previously the vice president of public relations for the Black Student Union and did a lot of social media for Phi Sigma Pi. I was able to run their social media accounts and get more experience with content creation and getting the word out about events. I interned with CLE Cotton Candy as a social media and event planning intern, also. This experience got me interested in entrepreneurship and I was able to create content that was focused on customers and clients. I was also a part of the social media storytelling team for the Ohio University School of Media Arts and Studies! This was fun for me because I got a chance to talk to Bobcats about their experiences with the media school and all the amazing programs that come with it! 

What are your professional goals?

My professional goals are to just be successful in whatever positions I find myself in! I would love to own my own business someday and use my social media skills to help other businesses thrive. I love skincare and the beauty industry so I would love to work with popular brands in that industry, eventually leading me to building my own brand and making an impact on the world. At the end of the day, I just want to be happy where I’m at and working a job that I love.

How do you think the social media certificate will help you in the future?

In the year 2022, social media is a main channel of communication, so as a communication studies major with a marketing minor, this certificate felt very necessary to me to be the best at what I do, whether that’s in a marketing role or any business endeavors. Knowing social media goes far beyond being able to tweet or post cute Instagram pictures, and I wanted to learn social media from a new perspective and this program gave me the ability to do that.

What social media channels do you run?

I am currently a Curology college ambassador, and a lot of social media work goes into this role on my personal accounts! Being the marketing manager, it’s up to me to get the word out about our products and events on campus. The target audience is college students, and that’s my primary following on social media. Being able to cater to a target audience that I find myself and my closest friends in has been a fun experience and I can’t wait to apply more of my social media skills to this role. 

What is your favorite class within the social media certificate program?

My favorite course within the certificate was the social media introduction course. This class was a great introduction to the certificate and really taught me how big of an impact social media can have on our society, especially in the business world. It taught me the complexities of social media and how it integrates into our world as an important form of communication.