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Visiting scholar shares her positive experience in the Scripps College of Communication

Visiting scholar shares her positive experience in the Scripps College of Communication
Visiting scholar Magda Ospina consults with her mentor Dr. Saumya Pant

Magda Ospina has been a visiting scholar at the Scripps College of Communication since August. During her time at OHIO, Ospina said she improved her doctoral thesis and received exceptional guidance.

“The most important thing for my thesis dissertation was the extraordinary mentorship that I received,” Ospina said. “It was really an honor for me (to receive) mentorship from Dr. Saumya Pant, who is a global expert in the strategic integration of entertainment education programs.”

Pant, lecturer in the School of Media Arts & Studies, said most of her research is international and working in the developing world, so it gave her the confidence to help Ospina in her dissertation.

“It's always a pleasure to meet people like that, who are mature, who have come from lot of experience of not just academia, but real life,” Pant said of Ospina. “So she's a very humble, modest (person) and an a very eager learner here, that makes the work so much easier.

Ospina is a communication PhD candidate at the Universidad del Norte in Barranquilla, Colombia, and has been an adjunct professor for about fifteen years. During that time, she also founded and directed her own consulting firm in human management.

Her dissertation focused on the effects that an entertainment-education audiovisual program had on strengthening the social skills of the Caribbean youth in Colombia.

Entertainment-education is a communication strategy used for social change. With focuses in theories such as parasocial interaction and social learning, Ospina determined what is necessary to strengthen skills and eliminate barriers within the adoption of healthy attitudes and behaviors in youth.

“The Scripps College has experts in strategic integration of entertainment education programs who have taught me that if you have a right diagnosis of a world problem,” Ospina said. “You can find the strategy to solve them.”

Among many other interests, Ospina said she is very passionate about researching the development of personal skills and wants to find strategies for a better world through communication for social change.