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Media Professor Attends 62nd Annual GRAMMYs

Media Professor Attends 62nd  Annual GRAMMYs
Josh Antonuccio at the GRAMMYs

The School of Media Arts & Studies’s own Professor Josh Antonuccio has the honor of attending the GRAMMYs Awards ceremony, allowing us to get an insight on what that experience is like from a faculty member here at Ohio University.

Antonuccio is a voting member of the Recording Academy and works with people involved with the GRAMMYs as a part of the annual Ohio University Music Industry Summit, now in its third year.

He joined Kelee Riesbeck of Ohio Today as she completes her upcoming feature on Ohio University alumnus, who is retiring as producer of the GRAMMYs after 40 years.

Antonuccio said watching Ehrlich produce a show of the GRAMMY Awards’s magnitude was incredible. “His attention to detail and desire for excellence all around was inspiring,” said the MDIA instructor.

He marveled at being able to watch history unfold with the successes of Billie Eilish and Finneas – two artists the age of his own students. Eilish swept the top GRAMMY Awards with an album created in her bedroom, rewriting the rules of the industry.

“The world changed overnight and it was exhilarating to watch it all happen in real time,” Antonuccio said.

The GRAMMYs experience has given him the ability to share new insights and tools with his own students here at Ohio University.