Ohio University

2019 Journalism Strategic Communication Alumna Sadie Newman: Account Coordinator in Chicago

2019 Journalism Strategic Communication Alumna Sadie Newman: Account Coordinator in Chicago

Major: Journalism Strategic Communication 

Plans after graduation: I am moving to Chicago to work as an account coordinator for Fishman PR!

What clubs and organizations were you involved in? I was heavily involved in PRSSA. I held two leadership positions in this organization including vice president of external relations, followed by executive vice president. I loved my time in that org - it totally shaped my college career! I was also involved in 1804 Communication. I was the business development account executive for the 2018/2019 year. 

Did you have any jobs on campus? I held two jobs on campus throughout my college career. I was a writer and social media coordinator for the Walter Center for Strategic Leadership as well as a Scripps Ambassador.

Did you complete any internships? What were they? Where? I completed four internships while at Ohio University. After my freshman year I was a communications intern at the Lake Township Chamber of Commerce in my hometown of Hartville, Ohio. After my sophomore year, I moved to Utah for the summer and was a public relations intern at Visit Ogden as well as a brand journalist intern at Fusion 360 Digital Agency. Following my junior year, I was a client engagement intern at Fahlgren Mortine in Cleveland, Ohio. 

Briefly describe the aspects of your Scripps experience that you think most helped you land your job: As a journalism major on the strategic communication track, I think that taking journalism classes and learning to think like a traditional journalist really set me apart from my peers at other universities. I always talk about this during interviews. Additionally, Scripps College students are very ambitious - a great atmosphere that pushed me to go above and beyond everything that I did. The faculty and staff were also amazing. Everyone encouraged me to succeed and helped me find my path. So many great things about Scripps!! 

How do you feel about graduating? Excited and nostalgic. Ohio University and the City of Athens are both such special places. I really grew into myself on campus and found my best friends there. Although I’m really going to miss walking five minutes to class, three minutes to my best friends’ houses and being surrounded by intelligent people at all moments, I am looking forward to starting a career that I’ve been working toward for the past four years! Plus, I’m excited to move to a city that I love. :) 

 In June, a whole new class of Ohio University students came to campus for Bobcat Student Orientation. If you could tell them one thing, what would it be? Everyone has a different path - do your own thing and be confident doing it!