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2019 Communication Studies Alumna Melody Weary: MBA Student at Ohio University

2019 Communication Studies Alumna Melody Weary: MBA Student at Ohio University

Major: Communication Studies (with triple minors in Spanish, ITS, and Marketing, and a Professional Leadership certificate)

Plans after graduation: In August I’ll begin the intensive One-year MBA program at the Ohio University College of Business. During this time, I will work as a student advisor for undergraduates at the student success center at the College of Business. I’m currently interested in working in Human Resources, and I have no idea where I want to live in the future but I would love to travel a lot.

What clubs and organizations were you involved in? I kept myself very busy being involved in student organizations! I was the Social Media Chair of Lambda Pi Eta (official honor society of the National Communication Association) for one year. Our executive board traveled to Salt Lake City for the NCA annual convention in 2018. I was the Secretary of Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish honor society) for two years. I was also the Secretary of Plant Biology Club for three years – clubs are great as a resume builder, but also as a way to meet new friends and relax from the day to day of being a student, so I was very grateful for this club!

Did you have any jobs on campus? Yes! I was a tutor at the Academic Achievement Center my junior year and a student assistant in Human Resources at the Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine my senior year and this summer.

Did you complete any internships? What were they? Where? I had two internships with Ed Map, a textbook distribution and open educational resource (OER) company based in Nelsonville, Ohio. I was a social media intern and created/curated/posted content across our social media, and then I was a marketing intern and contacted university executives to inform them about our products.

Briefly describe the aspects of your Scripps experience that you think most helped you land your job: My COMS major is incredibly versatile. The core skill set of communication is vital at any company, in any line of work, and in every part of life. I was able to try a great variety of different career options through my internships, classes, and leadership positions. I’m confident that the foundation I built with my COMS education in logical reasoning, writing, and public speaking will help me succeed in my masters program. I also think that having a variety of minors in different schools is useful because it helps my resume look better-rounded and I have a better idea of what kind of industry I would like to work in.

How do you feel about graduating? Both excited and sad! I’m happy to be living back at home (still in Athens) but part of me would love to start the whole thing over again. I really like college so I’m happy to be coming back for another year, I think I’ll really miss it after next year!

In June, a whole new class of Ohio University students came to campus for Bobcat Student Orientation. If you could tell them one thing, what would it be? It’s okay to feel lost right now, to have no idea what half the majors even mean or which one you want to graduate with. It’s okay to not find your best friends freshman year. You WILL find your place (or make your own). You’ll end college a very different person than you are today. You’ll come to love change in yourself, your habits and routines, and the world you live in. Try everything and see what sticks. Appreciate every day you spend in college because it really does go quickly.