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2019 Visual Communication Alumna Liz Moughon: Photo Intern in LA

2019 Visual Communication Alumna Liz Moughon: Photo Intern in LA

Major: Visual Communication – photojournalism

Plans after graduation: I will be the summer photo intern at the Los Angeles Times. 

What clubs and organizations were you involved in? I was very active in the National Press Photographers Association Ohio University chapter (NPPAOU) as the president my senior year and the vice-president my junior and sophomore year. I was also a stringer for The Post my freshman year and a photo editor my sophomore year.

Did you have any jobs on campus? Yes, I worked in Boyd cafeteria briefly and was the PACE photographer for the College of Health Sciences and Professions, University College and the College of Business over the course of my four years. I also photographed weddings and family portraits occasionally, but it wasn’t through the university.

Did you complete any internships? What were they? Where? Yes, I was the San Francisco Chronicle photo intern in the summer of 2018 and the Courier-Journal photo intern in the summer of 2017 in Louisville, Ky.

Briefly describe the aspects of your Scripps experience that you think most helped you land your job: My photojournalism professors constantly pushed me to look deeper into myself and create more compelling work. There was always room for improvement, and they pushed me gently. VisCom also connected me to many conferences and workshops where I was able to meet top editors in this profession. This industry is all about networking, and as there are many OU alumni out there, this was a great place to begin.

How do you feel about graduating? Bittersweet and grateful. I am personally ready for a break from the grind of classes, but I will miss this community. I know other wonderful communities are in my future, but there will never be one like this one! It was such an intense time with special people, and I’m leaving happy and grateful for the VisCom family who helped shape me as a person.

A new class of Ohio University students is coming to campus for Bobcat Student Orientation this month. If you could tell them one thing, what would it be? Definitely have a good time and prioritize people but know that the opportunities you get out of college are due to how hard you hustle in college. Take every chance to build your professional career. Some experiences will seem dry, but if they build character and offer ways to build your professional self, take them. Much of college is about building you as a person, so sometimes beneficial experiences are not always the most obvious or glamorous. Cherish these years!