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Social media certificate student: Nikki Rich

Nikki Rich, Social Media & Marketing Director for RE/MAX Edge Realty and current OHIO Senior.
April 19, 2021

OHIO senior Nikki Rich, who majors in commercial photography with minors in retail merchandising and fashion product development, discusses how her passion for social media has led to a full-time marketing job and the role that the Scripps College of Communication social media certificate played in that. 

What work is it that you do?

I am the Social Media & Marketing Director for RE/MAX Edge Realty, which is a real estate brokerage based in North Canton, Ohio. I design graphics and content for our brokerage’s Instagram and Facebook page, as well as create social media ads and I run analytics on posts. I also help our agents with their own personal branding and social media presence. When I first started, I created a social media policy for the agents in the brokerage. I have done a lot of behind the scenes in terms of social media and other tasks.

What are your professional goals?

In my professional career, I want to continue to work in social media! The first time I had the opportunity to work on social media accounts that weren't my own was my freshman year of college when I was the Content Curator for Ohio University Multimedia Society (OUMS). Since then, I have had opportunities with other organizations like Turn It Gold - OU and the Cayman Islands’ study abroad trip. Working with RE/MAX Edge has been the first paid social media position that I have had. In the past 4 years, I have learned so much about the social media industry and grown to love being a part of it. In the future, I hope to work in social media for a fashion publication, fashion brand, fashion designer, or really anything to do with the fashion industry. 

How do you think the social media certificate will help you?

The Social Media Certificate has helped me tremendously! Without taking a social media analytics class, I would not have known how to run and interpret the data into something more than just data. I have learned how to take a step back from my own experiences and look at things from a new perspective. I have learned how to use different platforms like Hootsuite to schedule and manage multiple social media accounts. Everything that I have learned through the Social Media Certificate program I have been able to use in my past and current positions and I will be carrying them into my future positions! I am so grateful for this program and I am so excited to watch it grow in the new few years.

What was your favorite course in the certificate program?  

One of my favorite courses in the social media certificate program was COMS 3200, Communication and New Technology. I am taking it right now with Professor Brittany Peterson and I really enjoy the content of the class, her enthusiasm, and how much I have learned!