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There are multiple scholarships available for undergraduate Media Arts and Studies students. The application process takes place during spring semester and scholarships are awarded in spring semester each year at the annual MDIA awards reception. See the MDIA Scholarship Instructions form for more information. Questions should be directed to the chair of the committee, Andie Walla at walla@ohio.eduFor specifics regarding eligibility and suggested scholarships, please reference the breakdown of offerings here. [PDF]


Scholarship Application

Application deadline: February 9, 2021


Media Arts and Studies Scholarships

  • Leonard E. Auerbach Regional Representatives Scholarship: Awarded to a Junior or Senior interested in a career in media advertising sales with financial need. Preference is given to students with radio experience.
  • Ralph J. Bitzer MDIA Opportunities Scholarship: Awarded to up to 12 students per year who have applied and been accepted, or are planning to apply, for a MDIA Global Opportunities course in Spring 2019, Summer 2019 and/or Fall 2019. Students must provide proof of acceptance in course before funds can be awarded. This scholarship is based on financial need and does not require FAFSA. For more information on these programs, please visit the Office of Global Opportunities website.
    • OHIO-IN-LA
    • SXSW
    • OHIO Summer Screenwriting & Documentary Storytelling
    • Storytelling, Technology, and Digital Media in Theme Parks
    • MDIA Summer Music Industry Masterclass (Bonnaroo/Forecastle)
    • MDIA Production Masterclass (Austin/NYC)
  • Robert L. Coe Scholarship: Must be a full-time undergraduate junior in the management sequence with an interest in broadcast engineering or broadcast management. Academic merit is the primary criterion with a secondary financial need.
  • Patricia Cooper OHIO-in-LA Scholarship: Awarded to a student who is participating in the Ohio-in-LA program and has financial need. 
  • Mickey Franko Memorial Scholarship: Given to a senior active in radio with a preference (but not limited to) students in the management sequence who have made positive contributions to the School.
  • Archie Greer Scholarship: Applicant must demonstrate academic merit. Preference is given to those contributing to ACRN.
  • Douglas Hill Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to an audio student involved in media work outside class. Preference is given to students with a demonstrated talent for writing, or in experimental or comedy forms. Demo CD required with application.
  • Larry and Joann Katz Family Scholarship: Awarded to a student with involvement in WOUB, especially in athletic programming. Preference will be given to Ohio residents.
  • Nationwide Foundation Scholarship: Awarded to sophomores, juniors, and seniors majoring in MDIA who have a confirmed or pending internship. Must have a GPA of 2.5 or higher.
  • Phillip E. Schmidt Broadcasting Scholarship: Awarded to a Junior or Senior with a 3.2 GPA or higher and demonstrating financial need.
  • Thomas H. Streich Memorial Scholarship: Recognizes the achievement of a Junior or Senior in the Audio Sequence demonstrating promise and potential.
  • Christine T. Twardzik Memorial Scholarship: This scholarship is to be awarded in honor of Christine T. Twardzik. For use during their senior year, applicants must be enrolled at the Athens Campus of Ohio University in the Scripps College of Communication School of Media Arts and Studies, show financial need, and have a 3.0-grade point average.\
  • Ellen Woodward Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to a female student focusing on audio or radio production.
  • Jesse and Ruth Zousmer Scholarship: Awarded to a junior or senior based on academic achievement and financial need.
  • ACRN Charles Voge Scholarship: Need-based, Participant in ACRN and have a substantial impact on student org. 1st preference given to an ACRN student in Scripps College.
  • College of Communication General Scholarship: Awarded to a student with strong academic performance and financial need who makes outstanding contributions to the School of Media Arts & Studies. Minimum 3.4 GPA.
  • Don Perris Endowed Internship Scholarship: Awarded to students with secured internship with financial need, outstanding scholastic merit and extracurricular involvement. Preference given to students serving underserved groups/diverse populations. *Apply through Scripps College of Communication
  • Scripps Howard Multimedia Internship Support: Awarded to students with a secured multimedia internship. *Apply through Scripps College of Communication

The Haden DeRoberts Folk Fest Grant

One MDIA student will be awarded $1,500 to help develop and execute a live music and/or art event in the spring semester.

Scholarship Criteria:

  • Scholarship applicant must develop a music and/or art related, in person event for spring semester. The scholarship isn’t necessarily limited to hosting live music. It does however need to use music as a platform for a larger vision, which could include: broader community engagement, raising money for charitable causes, providing an outlet for creative expression (both creating & consuming art), etc.
  • Event must take place within the current academic calendar year.
  • Applicants will be assessed based on overall event impact, community engagement, innovation,  and feasibility of the project.
  • The scholarship shall be awarded to an individual, rather than a club, fraternity/sorority, or other on campus group.
  • At the conclusion of the event, the student is to complete a 1-2 page summary (in the format of their choice) of the event and what they’ve accomplished.
  • No GPA requirement, open to freshman through seniors.
  • Financial need is not required for eligibility.

 Submission Materials:

  • Event Plan: Scholarship applicant must describe the intended event in detail, providing a 1-2 page plan for event execution. This should include a narrow timeframe for the event, a summary of total resources that will be required, and show awareness of logistical challenges ahead.
  • Short Essay Component: Scholarship applicant must provide an essay answering the following questions:
    • Question 1: What role does music play in your life and what do you want to do in the music industry?
    • Question 2: What specific initiative do you intend to plan with the awarded funds, and what is your broader vision for what the event will accomplish?

External Scholarships

There are a number of scholarships available to Media Arts & Studies students outside the School, which we're pleased to provide information for. This list is in no way comprehensive and we're always open to new opportunities.

Broadcast Education Association Scholarships
The BEA is the professional development association for professors, industry professionals and students involved in teaching and research related to radio, television, and other electronic media. The BEA administers fourteen scholarships annually, to honor broadcasters and the electronic media profession. The BEA Two Year Award is for study at member schools offering only freshman and sophomore instruction, or for use at a four-year member school by a graduate of a BEA two-year campus. All other scholarships are awarded to juniors, seniors and graduate students at BEA Member institutions.

Local Contact: Dr. Greg Newton

Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation Scholarships

The Audio Engineering Society Educational Foundation is dedicated to encouraging the entry of talented students into the profession of audio engineering. Since its establishment in 1984, the Foundation has awarded grants for graduate studies to hundreds of exceptional applicants, many of whom have gone on to prominent and successful careers in the profession. Applications are accepted from students worldwide, awards are made annually, in August, and a recipient may apply for one-time renewal after the successful completion of at least one year of graduate studies. Payment will be sent directly to the graduate school on behalf of the student's tuition account.

Local Contact: Sophia Logston