Ohio University

Video Facilities

Students adjusting a camera for a film

Media Arts & Studies supports students in the Field and in the Studio.

Students on the set filming

MDIA Equipment Room:

The School of Media Arts & Studies supports student projects with professional equipment. Students may check out equipment all week long, including on the weekends.

Audio: Zoom Podcaster Pro systems, Zoom H4N recorders, Rycote blimps with boom poles, various Sennheiser and Audio Technica mics, Countryman wired lavaliers, Sennheiser and various wireless lavaliers.

Lights Arri fresnels and open faced lighting, Arri 1.2K HMI system, Mole Richardson LED fresnels, Limelite LED panels, Filex LED fresnel systems, various Lowel lighting systems.  

Cameras: Sony FS5 camera systems, Sony A7sii camera systems, Black Magic 2.5K cinema camera, Panasonic and Sony camcorder systems, Canon 6D DSLR systems, Canon T3i DSLR systems, Rokinon prime lenses

Camera and Grip Support: Manfrotto and Benro tripods and monopods, DJI Ronin stabilization systems, sliders, shoulder rigs, hi-hats, c-stands, sandbags, appleboxes, flag and net sets, 6x and 12x frames, Matthews doorway dolly.

A student holding the boom on a set for a film

Production Studio C: