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VR & Game Development Undergrad Overview

Choosing Your Path

The VR and Game Development program is a part of the Games and Animation major in partnership with the school of Media. It is a flexible major, allowing students to choose exciting courses to match their career goals. As the name suggests,students start with a game design or animation pathway, with many options to enhance either area – including a full set of new courses in virtual and augmented reality offered by the McClure School. All students complete an overview of media history, storytelling and production techniques before continuing into focus areas such as game design and development, animation and/or virtual reality. These areas are enhanced with courses exploring information technology and networks, as well as scripting and coding. Students in our program also pursue additional credentials such as a business or communication minor, or certificates in entrepreneurship or social media.


Alumni of the VR and Game Development program have found employment in companies such as:

"In the past, there were always two or three key questions, but they weren't always interrelated. People wanted to know: What are you making? Then they would want to know: Is it available online? And if so: How quickly can they get it? Now it's all one big question: How quickly can I have access to what you're making? That's what the McClure School does- we create cool stuff and we deliver it quickly and creatively."

- Eric Williams, Professor

Find Out More

To find out more about the opportunities in the McClure School and about financial aid possibilities, as well as to schedule a campus visit, contact:

Prof. Charles Linscott
Director of Undergraduate Studies
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Communication Technologies
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phone: 740-593-4862
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