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Current Semester Information

Advising and Registration for Fall 2020/2021

What you need to know

Asking general questions

  • E-Mail me or any other faculty member, we are happy to help
  • Ask questions on our Discord server
    • Use this invitation link to join: https://discord.gg/RhGbcRe
    • Send e-mail to any faculty member, let us know your name in Discord, and we will add you
    • The Advising channel is the place to ask questions.

Connect with your advisor

Please check your e-mail frequently. Every advisor will reach out and give you a way to register for an advising time and let you know how you will connect, e.g., by phone or teleconference.

Note about the Fall semester classes

For a number of reasons, we will be a little short-handed this Fall. We will offer only two of the core classes:

  • ITS 2300
  • ITS 3100

If you are looking for ITS 2140 or ITS 4020, we will offer both in the Spring. We are modifying ITS 4440 so you can take it at the same time as ITS 4020 if you need both to graduate. ITS 3100 is offered in the Spring as usual.

We are offering two electives, Internet Engineering and Privacy. There will be more electives coming up in the Spring.

ITS 1801 "Introduction to Scripting" is being offered for anyone who has little to no experience in scripting or programming. It does not fulfill the ITS requirement for a programming class, but gets you ready for ITS 2801 which will.

Known Issues

Does your DARS tell you to take ITS 3019 but you cannot find that class? This happens because the catalog in force when you joined ITS required you to take ITS 3020. We renamed that class to ITS 3019 and now consider a (rarely taught) elective. Ask your advisor to change your "Major Catalog of Entry" to the current version (2019/2020) - that will replace ITS 3019 with an additional area of concentration class.

Approved Course Substitutions

Regarding ITS 4020

ITS 4020 is offered on-line only, and we have had to change the semester it is offered in from time to time. Note:

  • You can take 4020 and ITS 4440 in the same semester.
  • Your advisor can issue a DARS change to permit you to count one of the classes below in lieu of ITS 4020:
    • ECON 3050, Managerial Economics.
    • ECON 3080, Behavioral Economics.
    • ECON 3200, Labor Economics.
    • ECON 3220, Economics of Human Resources.
    • ECON 3340, Economics of Antitrust.
    • ECON 3400, International Trade.
    • ECON 3710, Cost Benefit Analysis.