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Student services

During these challenging times of uncertainty, the Harris Student Support Center is still serving students, faculty, and staff remotely. We are in full on Fall advising mode and have been conducting remote phone, Teams and advising appointments since March 23. We have also spent a lot of time working with students to troubleshoot internship uncertainty as well as study away cancellations. Every day poses new challenges, but we are here to assist and are settling in to this new normal.

It is no shock that all on-campus and off-campus recruiting events have been cancelled but that has not stopped faculty, staff and students from reaching out to admitted students. On Monday we conducted an online chat which had over 30 admitted students participate. This chat was very successful and many thanks to our Scripps College Ambassadors who helped us with the chat. We are also conducting “virtual visits” each week and these are also picking up. Many thanks to the faculty who have been calling admitted students and answering many of their tough questions.

Due to classes switching to the remote delivery, many students have needed technology to be successful in their courses. If you know a student who needs technology, please have them contact me directly at moellerg@ohio.edu

There are many updates for spring 2020 and the Registrar’s Office has a very nice FAQ page that I highly recommend that you check out ohio.edu/registrar/coronavirus.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me:

Greg Moeller
513-502-2811 (cell)