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Taylor Walker, M.A.

Taylor Walker Headshot
Fall 2017 Cohort
SCHN 432

Specializations: Narrative, Social Construction of Health & Healing, Women’s Health,

Taylor Walker (M.A., University of Cincinnati) is a doctoral candidate in the Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University and received her Master’s in Communication at the University of Cincinnati. Her scholarly research as situated within the nexus of health and organizational communication. Her program of research is primarily focused how embodied differences and storytelling surrounding health and healing are constructed, shaped, and constrained through communicative practices. Guided by feminist and narrative sensibilities, she explores how subject positions are produced and reproduced through discourse, connections between the body and social practice, and how storytelling can foster inclusivity, promote dialogue, and drive action toward progressive social change within and across health contexts. Her research and creative activities involve a variety of communicative dimensions and challenges and are inspired by questions such as: How do embodied narratives promote dialogue and social change within health contexts? How are embodied differences engaged in health contexts? How are bodies and selves implicated in fieldwork? Her dissertation explores vocational anticipatory socialization as medical students learn to work with and within underserved communities.