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Shermineh Davari Zanjani, M.A.

Shermineh Davari Zanjani, M.A.

Specializations: Interpersonal and Organizational Communication; Global and Cultural Communication

Shermineh Davari Zanjani earned her B.A. in English literature and language from Ershad-Damavand University in Tehran, Iran. In 2013, she came to the United States to pursue her M.S in Journalism in E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at Ohio University.

Shermineh is interested in interpersonal and organizational communication in the global and cultural context. She is interested to look out how current political and social conversations have had impact on our modern perception of “Refugees” or “Asylum Seekers.”

Shermineh used to serve as the vice-president and secretary of Ohio University Iranian Student Society, holding various Persian cultural events.

In her spare time, Shermineh loves reading, watching films and documentaries, hiking, playing Persian musical instrument (called Daf), and hanging out with her friends.