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Jennifer Woody Collins, M.P.A.

Jennifer Woody Collins, M.P.A.
Fall 2014 Cohort
RTVC 197

Specializations: Feminisms in Health and Organizing, Engaged Scholarship, Agency and Resistance

Jennifer Collins (M.P.A., North Carolina State University) studies Organizing and Relating, and Health Communication at Ohio University’s School of Communication Studies. Her research conceives of health broadly, looking at structures that shape health outside of medical settings and how our communicative practices reimagine, shape, and constrain our possibilities for living. Jennifer comes to her research after a decade of working in public health, giving her a strong grounding in health organization contexts that influence her perspective. Her partner, Brian, daughter, Arwyn, and cat Ruth are also constant sources of strength, challenge, and inspiration that remind her of the unending discoveries that are possible as we live and grow together.