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Freda Akosua Lekey, M.A.

Freda Akosua Lekey
Fall 2019 Cohort
RTVC 197

Specializations: Child health, women’s health, health disparities, reproductive health, culture, religion, STDs and gender

Freda Akosua Lekey (M.A., Ohio University) holds a graduate degree in Communication and Development Studies alongside graduate certificates in African Community Health, and Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her current research interest revolves around identifying issues that influences and adversely impact the health of women and children. Her previous research has focused on gender, culture, health disparities, reproductive health and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Freda, in addition to her scholarly interests, is also keen about using health awareness programs to address health challenges faced by women and children—a drive that has and continues to inspire her research.