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Dani Galek, M.A.

Fall 2020 Cohort
RTVC 181

Specializations: Health Communication

Dani Galek (M.A., Ohio University) comes from the Communication and Development Studies MA program at Ohio University.

Currently, their academic interests include focusing on how transgender narratives can both be a space for affirming identity and coping with the cultural inequalities. Since health needs for the trans community are filled with nuance, Dani is particularly curious in how narrative can help give value to marginalized trans voices. In addition to examining how these narratives impact those who receive them, they are also particularly interested in how production functions when crafting narrative, particularly in video production and the types of divides might exist with the trans community to equip themselves with the knowledge to produce video content that is representative of trans voices. Their previous experiences include working in community mental health center as part of a community outreach team and as a prevention specialist/victim advocate for a community rape crisis center. One of Dani’s main hobbies is playing all different types of video games which helps provide a space for meditating on new ideas.

Pronouns: she/they