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Student-Run Ad Firm 1804: Q&A with managing director Cassidy Selep

Student-Run Ad Firm 1804: Q&A with managing director Cassidy Selep

Cassidy Selep is the Managing Director of 1804, Ohio University's student-run advertising firm that provides real-world experience for students to use in the future. 

Q: How many clients are you working with?

A: We work with six different clients: the EW Scripps School of Journalism, Athens County Humane Society, Go Bus, Keep Ohio Beautiful, Join Police Advisory Council, Athens Conservancy, and 199guy.

Q: What opportunities do you give your members?

A: We try to give them as many opportunities as we can; it really depends on what department you’re in. We have two departments: business and research & strategy.

The business department is tasked with finding new clients for the organization, so they need to research potential clients, write, and pitch letters to try to win new “business” for us.

The R&S department does a variety of different research, including social media audits. The biggest aspect of the departments is the strategy, where members are doing client work such as event planning, press releases and checking in with clients.

Q: How long have you been with the organization?

A: I’ve been in 1804 since my freshman year. I worked with a variety of clients in the nonprofit educational sector, such as the [E. W.] Scripps School [of Journalism], the Ohio State Bar Association and the Athens County Humane Society.

I wanted to have a larger role in the organization, so I filled out my application to be an account executive in the creative department. [When I was filling out the application,] I was in an Air BnB with little to no Wi-Fi, in the middle of Toledo, Spain trying to find a way to send it in! I got the position and my clients changed a bit. I started doing work with the Joint Police Advisory Council and Bobcats helping Bobcats in the Student Affairs Office.

Q: Are there any competitions/conferences that you attend?

A: We’re hoping to do Create-a-Thon this year. It’s a 24-hour event where we create a campaign for a nonprofit. We’re working on the application process on it right now.

Q: What is your partnership like with PRSSA?

A: We complement each other nicely and are technically nationally affiliated with them. I had somebody [who was a member of PRSSA] approach me this Monday about joining 1804 and she was on a team that next day! The Public Relations Student Society of America brings in professionals we can learn from, and we can take that knowledge and apply it to our clients.

Q: What is your favorite part of the organization?

A: My favorite part personally is seeing what everyone’s working on. [In my previous role], I was siloed into seeing one department for a few clients and now I get to see all the good work that is happening for all the clients.