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OUMS Networking Trip to New York City

OUMS Networking Trip to New York City
OUMS on a previous networking trip

The Ohio University Multimedia Society (OUMS) is a professional networking organization in the Scripps College of Communication for anyone who is interested in multimedia. OUMS provides information about professional development, networking, and multimedia knowledge in fields such as video, design, photography, web, audio, journalism, PR and social media. This allows students to present themselves well when job searching, build their professional network and learn about a variety of disciplines within the multimedia industry.

OUMS meets weekly on Mondays at 7 p.m. in Schoonover Center room 380. Meeting topics/activities include personal branding, resume feedback, LinkedIn, headshots, inspiration, guest speakers and bonding activities.

Every year, OUMS takes a group of 20 students on a networking trip to New York City to visit multimedia companies and network with Ohio University alumni that live in New York. Many of the members of OUMS want to start their careers in New York City, so this trip is a good opportunity for them to explore companies in the city and make connections that could help them get a job or internship.

This year, the OUMS NYC networking trip will take place from November 14 – 17, 2019. On Thursday, the group travels from Athens to New York City. On Friday, the group will visit four companies to tour their offices and participate in panel discussions to hear from current employees.

The first company that OUMS will be visiting is ListenFirst Media. ListenFirst Media is a social media analytics company that focuses on social media insights, optimizing social media marketing and maximizing ROI for social media. At this company, the group will get to meet with an Ohio University alumna as well.

The second company on the itinerary is Multiply. Multiply is a data-led social media and PR agency. The OUMS visit will focus on the PR side of Multiply, so students will be able to learn about client relations and strategic communications for clients.

After a quick lunch break, OUMS will head to Chelsea for a tour of Vimeo’s headquarters. Vimeo is a video sharing platform with over 90 million creators worldwide. After the tour, Vimeo will host a panel discussion and Q&A with employees from a variety of departments, including video production, marketing, photography, and design.

The final company that OUMS will be visiting is Beardwood & Co. Beardwood & Co is a design company that does strategy, brand design and content creation. This company was recommended by an Ohio University alumna, Sarah Schneider, who claims that Beardwood & Co’s creative team is the best she has ever worked with. She will be joining the group for the visit as well.

After all of the company visits are complete, OUMS will be hosting a networking event at Gatsby’s. This event will be open to all Ohio University alumni and anyone in the multimedia and communications industries. This event will give students the opportunity to create connections with people in their industries and practice the networking skills that they have learned in OUMS.

Saturday will be a free day for the group members to explore New York City and the OUMS will travel back to Athens on Sunday.