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Adam Maslowski: Software company internship

Adam Maslowski: Software company internship
Here I am enjoying an after-work retreat with the other interns!

I’m here to talk about my amazing internship with MRI Software, located in Solon, Ohio.

The company is all about software for real estate, and their clients go far and wide and include the Mall of America, Buckingham Palace and Trump Tower! Their offices are located all over the world, in Africa, Singapore, Canada and Texas.

I expected to work at a tall-cubicle kind of place with bad lighting and low morale. That wasn’t the case here. Vibrant colors were everywhere, with a variety of couches and a break room area with a pool table and arcade games. The dress code was casual, so I got to wear jeans and shorts to work. The “cubicles” had low, transparent walls you could write on, with plenty of room to do work and decorate. Culture, as well as having a casual work environment, is a big deal at the company. They offer company-wide intramural sports, seasonal parties, and beer on Friday!

I worked with the Global Professional Services. The GPS department's role was to help customize solutions and reports for clients and also to troubleshoot when the clients ran into problems. Because each consultant had different ways to tackle issues for specific problems, consultants struggled to share their problem-solving process because they each had a different way of approaching certain errors. My task was to standardize the documents to help newer employees, as well as current employees, have a user-friendly solution guide to common issues.

Overall, MRI Software was a fantastic place to work and showed me the significance of a positive work environment. I hope to work there next summer in a new department!