District 12 District Science Day

Information for Teachers

We ask that schools provide at least one judge for each 5 projects from the school. Judges may register at: https://oasd12.stemwizard.com/. Please contact Natalie Kruse (krusen@ohio.edu) for more information.

Students whose schools do not have a local science fair or academic fair in their legal residence in one of the eight counties of District 12, may submit their entries, including one complete research report for each project, to the DSD, if a teacher or other responsible administrator of each school will send all the entries from that school in one package with a completely filled out blue school information form, including a minimum of one judge if the number of entries does not exceed five, to reach the Director no later than March 2, 2020. If there are more than five entries from a school, the one judge per five entries rule will apply. Students who are attend public or private schools located in our 7-county District should contact their school teacher or administrator before they start their project if their projects (1) utilize school facilities or people (such as using classmates or other school adults as subjects) or (2) may require prior approval of a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) or Institutional Review Board (IRB).

The District 12 Fair sends projects to both the State Science Day and the International Science and Engineering Fair. Due to this, we must ensure that all of the projects are reviewed for a) safety, b) use of human subjects, and c) research on vertebrate animals. We ask that students use the standard ISEF forms to ensure that their projects are meeting these review requirements. We require forms 1, 1a, 1b, and 3 for all projects, plus any forms that might be needed for an individual projects (e.g. if a student is using human subjects). Form 3 is a risk assessment, for some projects, either due to safety concerns or use of university or industrial facilities, the student should also have a Qualified Scientist to supervise them – they would fill out Form 2 to indicate this.   What we advise is assembling a Scientific Review Committee (SRC) made up of a teacher, an administrator, and a health professional (school nurse or local volunteer). They can review all project plans to see if students are working with hazardous biological agents, human subjects, or vertebrate animals.

Hazardous Biological Agents:

These projects must be reviewed and signed off on by the SRC. Complete Form 6A and must have a Qualified Scientist.  

Human Subjects:

These projects must be reviewed by the SRC or, in this case, an Institutional Review Board (IRB), it is easiest if this is the same committee. This includes having other people do surveys, answer questions, take tests, participate in experiments, etc. Complete Form 4 and complete the Sample Informed Consent Statement. All participants must consent to participation and minors must have parental consent.  

Vertebrate Animals:

These projects must be reviewed by the SRC and, ideally, by a biologist (contact krusen@ohio.edu for assistance). Students would need to complete Form 5 and potentially Form 6B (depending on the project). It would be advisable for more complex projects to have a Qualified Scientist on board.