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What is Risk Management & Safety?

Risk Mangement & Safety (RMS) combines the dedicated technical and professional staff in the departments of Emergency Programs, Environmental Health & Safety, Laboratory & Radiation Safety, Risk Management & Insurance, and Workers Compensation in order to protect the Ohio University community from unnecessary harm and unwanted risk.

What is the mission of Risk Management & Safety?

Risk Mangement & Safety's mission is to assure, as much as possible, the protection of the University’s assets from unnecessary harm or unwanted risk to ensure Ohio can pursue and achieve its vision and goals.

I need to fill out a food permit for an event. How can I obtain one?

A food permit to sell food on campus can be printed out from the RMS website, or in person at the RMS office. If you are selling food off campus, you must obtain a permit from the Athens County Food and Health Department.

I think I may have a mold problem; who do I contact?

Nathan Rath will be able to assist if you believe you have a mold problem. He can be contacted by phone at (740) 593-1685 or by email.

The Safe-T Sensor in my dorm room appears to be broken. Can it be replaced?

Your Safe-T sensor may be replaced free of charge if it was not tampered with. If you are experiencing trouble with your sensor, please contact Brent Auker (740) 597-1748 or Doug Miller (740) 593-1665.

Can I have a recreational fire on campus?

In order to have a recreational fire on campus, you must fill out a permit and submit it to Risk Management & Safety prior to your event. The form can be found online at the following link.

I have a problem regarding pests in my dorm, or a room on campus, who do I contact?

If you are experiencing problems with pests on campus, please contact Chad Keller (740) 593-0022 or fill out the online Pest Report Form.

I would like to sign up for the University’s Emergency Text Message system. Where can I sign up?

You can sign up to recieve Ohio University’s emergency text messages by visting the following links. Standard data and messaging rates may apply.


Winter 2015 Radiation Safety Newsletter:
The first Radiation Safety newsletter of the year is now available. Click the following link (PDF).

February Safe-T-Gram:
The February issue of Safe-T-Gram is now available. It emphasizes Laboratory Safety, spotlights Lab Safety Coordinator David Schleter and introduces our new Laboratory Safety and Compliance Officer Christopher Madden. It can be viewed here (PDF).

Self-Insured Injury Packet Now Available:
The self-insured injury reporting packet is now available online for your convenience. To access, click here.

Ohio University Insurance Guidlines:
Ohio University's Insurance Guidlines have been updated, and can be viewed here.

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