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The Environmental Health & Safety Department is excited to offer Annual Refresher training for Bloodborne Pathogens Online!  We have created an organization within Blackboard to deliver the BBP training and provide a test that users can complete to receive refresher credit. 

During 2009, EHS will be adding faculty and staff from academic and research areas to the Blackboard Organization so that you can participate in the training.  These additions will be made in stages, depending on when the annual refresher training is due.  Students are also eligible to participant in the program, but a faculty or staff member must request that they be added to the program (see below).  In the future, those who complete the Initial training in person will automatically be added to the online system.

What if you think that EHS missed adding you to this program?
Please contact David Schleter (schleted@ohio.edu).  Some people don't need their annual training until later this year; they will be put into the system and receive a similar email closer to that date.  Some people are behind in their annual refresher training. Only people who completed the initial or refresher training in the past three years will be added.  If your last training was longer than three years ago, you need to retake the in person training (../general/training.htm).  Or we might have missed someone, please tell us.

Do you have students who need to complete the annual refresher?
Please email their names and OAK IDs, to David and he will have them added to the system.  In the future new people who take the in person initial training will be automatically added to the online refresher version.  All participants must take the Initial in person training before they can be added to the online Refresher system.

What happens after you complete the online test?
Approximately once each week EHS will review the people who have completed the test and give them 'credit' in our official training records.  We will email you confirmation that your training has been recorded.  Your name will remain in the Blackboard organization, and the organization will continue to appear on your main Blackboard page.  You do not need to do anything else until your next annual refresher.

What if you don't want to participate in the online version?
That's fine.  You can still come to the in person training sessions that are offered each quarter (../general/training.htm).  EHS is also happy to do in person training sessions specifically for your group, if that is better.  If you do not want to participate in the online version, please tell David and he will have you removed from system.

How do I take the training?

  1. Follow this link: http://www.ohio.edu/blackboard/ or starting at the OU homepage, select faculty/staff, then select Blackboard login.
  2. Select Bb7 Login.
  3. Select User Login.
  4. Log in with your Oak ID and password.
  5. Under the section "My Organizations" you should see "Bloodborne Pathogens Annual Refresher", click that link.
  6. Follow the posted instructions.

Have questions?  Contact David at schleted@ohio.edu or 593-1662.


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