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Regional Higher Education Study Committee

A Message from the President

"Last May, I formed the Regional Higher Education Study Committee to review and evaluate our regional campus higher education model. My charge was to ensure a sustainable future for educational access and excellence across our region. Led by co-chairs Dr. Nicole Pennington, Dean of the Southern Campus, and Dr. Brad Cohen, Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation, this study committee benchmarked our regional higher education system, researched and identified other national models, analyzed internal trend cycles, and developed principles and recommendation for achieving an engaged, inclusive academic and resource model for the whole of our University. The study committee’s work underscores the value of regional higher education to southeastern Ohio and our campus communities.

On November 1, the study committee delivered to me its final report (PDF), which reflects substantial research, analysis, and engagement with faculty, students, staff, and community leaders affiliated with each of our campuses, including Athens, and University leadership across Ohio University.

The principles and recommendations put forth unanimously by the study committee provide a pathway for OHIO to redesign and realign our University system to bolster access and increase our ability to deliver a quality education across all our locations. To be sure, the committee concludes that in order for us to thrive across the umbrella of Ohio University, we must reimagine our institution as one Ohio University."  

- M. Duane Nellis
  President, Ohio University


Committee Membership

Committee Co-Chairs

Nicole Pennington
Dean, Ohio University Southern

Brad Cohen
Senior Vice Provost for Instructional Innovation


Athens Campus Members

John Day
Associate Provost/Associate Dean (College of Business)

Jason Pina      
Vice President for Student Affairs
Randy Leite     
Dean, College of Health Sciences and Professions  

Deborah Henderson   
Director, School of Nursing   

Jerry Miller      
Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies    

Elizabeth Bennett     
Office of Institutional Research

Laurie Hatch      
Associate Dean for Students, Instruction & Curriculum   
Todd Myers       
Professor, Chair, Engineering Technology & Management  

Lisa Harrison       
Associate Professor, Middle Childhood Education 


Regional Campus Members

Bill Willan     
Executive Dean for Regional Higher Education   
Darren Baker        
Lecturer of Fine Arts (Chillicothe)    

Sarah Mahan-Hayes   
Associate Prof. of Communication (Eastern)   
Mark Nevin   
Associate Professor of History (Lancaster)  

Jeremy Webster      
Dean (Zanesville)  

Rosanna Howard      
Director of Operations and Budget


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