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On-Line and Off-Line Coupling of Electrochemistry With Mass Spectrometry By Liquid Sample Desi


A variety of ambient ionization methods have been introduced, including desorption electrospray ionization (DESI). DESI is a representative method for ambient mass spectrometry. It has been shown to be useful in providing a rapid and efficient means of desorbing and ionizing a variety of target compounds of interest under ambient conditions. In U.S. application Ser. No. 12/205,236 DESI has been shown to analyze liquid samples without the use of filters. Still, it would be beneficial to use the liquid sample DESI-MS technique in combination with electrochemistry (EC) to allow both mechanistic study of reduction-oxidation (redox) and electrolysis reactions, particularly for bioanalytical applications. Liquid sample undergoing electrolysis in a chemical cell can be online or offline ionized by liquid sample DESI for MS detection.

08023 DESI MS diagram
DESI MS photograph 08023


Further work includes the miniaturization of both DESI and EC cell
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Issued Patent 8,330,119


Hao Chen, Ph.D. Associate Fellow, Edison Biotechnology Institute
Director, Bioanalytics Center
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry