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Thermographic Camera

Model # of equipment:

Raytheon US Night Vision Palm IR 225

Brief Description of equipment:

An infrared digital video camera, which views, and optionally transmits, thermographic visual data. For use to view heat sources, and their intensity.

Capabilities of the equipment:

  • Spectral Range: Long Wave
  • Detector: 160X120
  • Detector Material: Barium Strontium Titanate
  • Measurement Range: -20 to 1500 C
  • With Filter: -20 to 1500 C
  • Field View: 12 X 9 Degrees
  • Cooling: Uncooled TE
  • Spatial Resolution: 1.0 mrad
  • Thermal Sensitivity: <0.10 at 30 Degrees C
  • Detector Refresh Rate: 30 Hz
  • Dynamic Range: 8 Bit
  • Palettes: B&W
  • Image Storage Capacity: External Video Capture*
  • Operating Temperature: -20 C to 50 C
  • Camera Weight: 2.6 Lbs.
  • Camera Size: 9.5X4X4
  • Focus Distance: 6 Inches to Infinity
  • Video Output: 60 Hz NTSC

*Must provide an external separate capture device.

Location of equipment:

Putnam Hall 221a

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Nathaniel Berger

Phone: (740) 593-0695

Email: bergern@ohio.edu

Training/technical help available?


Fees for use of equipment?

Dependent upon usage case

Website link for facility/equipment:


A thermographic camera

Last Updated: 06/07/2016