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Cone Penetrometer Truck

Brief Description of equipment:

A truck with cone penetrometer built in.There is a growing awareness within the geotechnical and environmental community that cone penetrometer technology (CPT) offers the fastest and most economical way to characterize the subsurface conditions of most sites. CPT probes provide a continuous profile of the underlying site stratigraphy, and when combined with environmental probes and field or lab analysis of CPT-extracted soil, water, and gas samples, can provide a detailed three-dimensional view of any subsurface environmental contamination.


Capabilities of the equipment:

Piezocones provide continuous profile of soil stratigraphy and properties of soil layers. 
Fuel-Fluorescence Detector provides a means of detecting contamination in soil layers. 
Soil Sampler is used to collect soil samples at any depth. 
Water Sampler is used to collect fluid samples at any depth. 
Ground-Penetrating 100-MHz Radar is used for Cross-Hole Tomography. 
Soil-Moisture Probe provides continuous in-situ measurement of soil moisture at any depth. 
Establish improved continuous stratigraphic logging of the subsurface 
Evaluate the subsurface conditions quickly between two soil boreholes 
Locate the groundwater table & bedrock 
Locate thin weak soil layers 
Locate shear failure zones 
Detect anomalies in the subsurface 
Evaluate in-situ relative density, effective angle of friction, and constrained modulus for granular soils 
Evaluate in-situ undrained shear strength, constrained modulus, and hydraulic conductivity for fine-grained soils 
Obtain soil density and moisture profiles across the subsurface 
Detect contaminants in the subsurface 
The Truck has a push frame capable of exerting more than 25 tons of pushing or pulling load on cone rods. 
The Hydraulic Cone Rod Clamp is capable of gripping cone rods of 1.4?1.75 inches in diameter. 
Hydraulic cone circuit is capable of 28 gpm at 3000 psi. 
The system has the capability of penetrating down to 200 feet. 
A 6-inch coring drill is available as a peripheral. 
The unit has the capability of generating up to 7500 W of electrical power. 
The system has an Automatic Seismic Hammer. 
The Data Acquisition System includes Real-Time Display and Analysis Software. 
Data from Geophones and Shear Hammer can be used to calculate shear modulus, Young's modulus, and Poisson's ratio vs. depth 


Location of equipment:

Stocker Center

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Shad Sargand

Email: sargand@ohio.edu

Training/technical help available?

The equipment must be operated by qualified ORITE staff.

Fees for use of equipment?

Contact Russ Professor Shad Sargand or Research Engineer Issam Khoury

Website link for facility/equipment:


Last Updated: 05/11/2016