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Agilent Microarray Scanner 

Model # of equipment:

Agilent B-Microarray Scanner

Brief Description of equipment:

Agilent microarray scanner aids in quantifying gene expression profile. This machine can scan 1X244K, 4X44K, 8X15K arrays with XDR and dual channel mode.

Capabilities of the equipment:

Design your own set of probes and get them printed, even on a single array, for no extra cost. Agilent uses 60-mer probes, increasing the sensitivity of your reaction 8-fold when compared to 25-mer technology. This system also allows dual color or single color array experiments giving researchers greater flexibility in their experimental design.

Location of equipment:

510 Porter Hall

Procedure for access to the equipment:

Service provided by Ohio University Genomics Facility

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Vijay Nadella

Phone: 740-593-1120


Training/technical help available?

Service provided by Ohio University Genomics Facility

Fees for use of equipment?

Please refer to OUGF website or contact OUGF personnel

Website link for facility/equipment:


Agilent Microarray Scanner