Office of the Vice President for Research

MicroCT Scanner 

Name of the equipment

MicroCT Scanner

Model # of equipment

TriFoil eXplore CT120 Small-Animal X-ray CT Scanner

Brief Description of equipment

An Ohio University resource allowing small animals (in vivo or in vitro), fossils, and other objects smaller than about 10 cm diameter to be non-destructively imaged and digitized in 3D at resolutions of 100, 50, and 25 microns.

Capabilities of the equipment

Can image and digitize the internal and external structure of objects smaller than 10 cm in diameter. System has an uprated power generator over the basic model of the scanner, allowing for faster and cleaner imaging, which in turn reduces dose and cost. Resolution ranges from 25-100 microns. Specimen densities range from anatomical soft tissues to industrial applications.

Location of equipment

Room 035, Edison Biotechnology Institute, Konneker Research Labs, The Ridges, Ohio University

Procedure for access to the equipment

Contact Lawrence Witmer, PhD ( or Ryan Ridgely (

Contact person for information or access to the equipment

Name: Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD

Phone: 740-591-7712


Training/technical help available?

Training is provided and technical consulting is available.

Fees for use of equipment?

Cost per hour (Internal): $75.00

Cost per hour (Internal - *pilot data): $25.00

Cost per hour (External Academic): $150.00

Cost per hour (External Commercial): $180.00

Add on services: Slice Movies: $100.00

Add on services: 3D Analysis/Visualization: **TBD

*Pilot data rate is for internal faculty and personnel only for obtaining pilot data for a research proposal.

** 3D Analysis/Visualization rate negotiated based on scope and length of time of project.

Website link for facility/equipment