Office of the Vice President for Research

MicroCT Scanner 

Model # of equipment:

GE eXplore Locus in vivo MicroCT scanner

Brief Description of equipment:

Allows small animals (in vivo or in vitro), fossils, and other objects smaller than about 10 cm diameter to be non-destructively imaged and digitized in 3D.

Capabilities of the equipment:

Scanning resolutions of 90, 45, and 22 microns.

Location of equipment:

Edison Biotechnology Institute, Konneker Research Labs, The Ridges

Procedure for access to the equipment:

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Lawrence M. Witmer, PhD



Training/technical help available?

Training is provided and some technical consulting is available

Fees for use of equipment?

Free to use for OU researchers. Expectation that users will write funds into their external grants to help pay for the service contract. Also, users will be expected to help lobby their unit heads to contribute to the service contract.

Website link for facility/equipment:


MicroCT Scanner