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Accelerated Pavement Load Facility 

Model # of equipment:


Brief Description of equipment:

The loading mechanism in the environmentally controlled chamber of the facility helps Ohio Research Institute for Transportation and the Environment (ORITE) researchers evaluate the effects of various environmental conditions, materials, and load levels on a variety of pavement structures. By applying repeated loads over sections of pavement under rigidly controlled conditions, overall relative performance can be assessed much earlier and with much greater confidence than observing test sections constructed on in-service pavements. The APLF has several attributes which set it apart from similar facilities in the U.S. and around the world.


Environmental Room Housing APLF
-Dimensions: 80 ft. long x 40 ft. wide x 18 ft. high.
-Air Temperature: 10 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.
-Humidity can be controlled as desired: 0 to 100%.
-Access doors on both ends: 24 ft. wide x 14 ft. high.

Test Pit
-Dimensions: 45 ft. long x 38 ft. wide x 8 ft. deep.
-Asphalt and Portland cement concrete pavement can be tested.

Capabilities of the equipment:

-Asphalt and Portland concrete cement testing capability
-Full Width Capacity for two, 12-foot wide adjacent lanes with 4 and 10 foot shoulders, and 8 foot deep pit for construction of the desired base and subgrade.
-Full access for construction equipment to place pavements in accordance with standard highway specifications.
-Multiple test paths across the 24-foot-wide pavement.

-Moisture can be added to subgrade through pipes on the pit floor.
-Walls and floors are reinforced concrete, waterproofed to retain subgrade moisture

Load Mechanism:
-Load Range: 9,000 lbs to 30,000 lbs reciprocating wheel load
-Test Directions: Uni-or Bi-directional
-Test Length: 35 ft.
-Tires: standard single, standard duals, and wide-base single
-Lateral Wheel Wanderer: Random to +/- 10 inches optional
-Test Speed: 5 mph
-Load Applications per Hour: 250 for unidirectional tests, 500 for bidirectional tests

-Broad loading versatility with the ability to use various wheel loading configurations, loads from 9,000 to 30,000 lbs. and optional random lateral wanderer of the loaded wheel(s).
-Full environmental control within the enclosed test facility to regulate air temperature and humidity. Moisture can be added to the subsurface pavement structure.
-Optional instrumentation to monitor pavement response to environmental changes and/or dynamic loading.

Location of equipment:

APLF building, Lancaster Campus

Procedure for access to the equipment:

Contact Russ Professor Shad Sargand to discuss needs and fees.

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Shad Sargand

Phone: 740-593-1467


Training/technical help available?

Yes. ORITE operators will run equipment and oversee use.

Fees for use of equipment?

Contact Russ Professor Shad Sargand

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Accelerated Pavement Load Facility