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Dysart Woods Laboratory 

Brief Description of equipment:

The Dysart Woods Laboratory is a 455 acre facility located in Belmont County, Ohio. It contains 55 acres of old-growth forest, the largest known remnant of original forest vegetation in southeastern Ohio, and as such has been designated as a U.S. Department of the Interior National Natural Landmark. The remaining 400 acres contains a mix of second-growth forest, old-fields, and pasture.

The land laboratory is available for both teaching and research. It is also open to the public and contains two popular hiking trails. Only non-manipulative studies (i.e., observational) are permitted within the old-growth woods. However, experimental studies are encouraged in the remaining habitats.

Capabilities of the equipment:

Access to successional old-field, second-growth forest, and old-growth forest.

Location of equipment:

Belmont County, Southeastern Ohio

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Brian C. McCarthy
Environmental and Plant Biology
Porter Hall 317
Ohio University, Athens, OH 45701

Phone: (740) 593-1615 Phone


Training/technical help available?

Contact Brian McCarthy

Fees for use of equipment?


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