Office of the Vice President for Research

6’ Programmable Camera Dolly 

Model # of equipment:

Dynamic Perception Stage Zero Dolly

Brief Description of equipment:

A motorized 6' aluminum dolly track, for capable SLR cameras, for horizontal, vertical, or underslung motion.

Capabilities of the equipment:

Motion Control Modes: Continuous Motion; Smooth video-like motion from 0.12"/minute to 30.9"/minute; Shoot-Move-Shoot (Interleaved); Extended run time (up to days between moves) from 0.01" to 30.9" travel between shots; Manual Motor Control Camera Integration: Intervalometer; Exposure Control; Bulb or Camera-controlled; Post-Exposure Delays; Focus Line Control; Support for most major dSLRs; Canon, Nikon, Pentax, etc.

Location of equipment:

Putnam Hall, Rm 221a

*Procedure for access to the equipment:

See our website:

Contact person for information or access to the equipment:

Name: Nathaniel Berger

Phone: (740) 593-0695


Training/technical help available?


Fees for use of equipment?

Dependent upon usage case.

Website link for facility/equipment:

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Camera Dolly