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Restart of On-Campus and Field Research and Creative Activity

May 25, 2020

Dear Ohio University Colleagues,

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated a deep draw-down of research and creative activity conducted in our facilities and in the field.   In parallel with the State of Ohio’s reduction in restrictions responding to the public health emergency, I am writing to  communicate Ohio University’s measures to allow the resumption of research and creative activity on campus and in outdoor settings, under certain conditions.   

In considering this new guidance, it is important to remember that COVID-19 remains a serious threat to the well-being of our employees, students, and the public.  Consequently the resumption of research and creative activity does not represent a return to a normal state, and it is essential that we remain attentive to coronavirus safety going forward.  The guidelines and approval process announced here are intended to ensure an appropriate level of attention to safety, and were formulated by a committee that included the following individuals:

Joe Shields, co-chair

VP/Dean, Research/Graduate College

Matthew Shaftel, co-chair

Dean, College of Fine Arts

Scott Carpenter

Director, Lab Animal Resources

Kaelyn Ferris

President, Graduate Student Senate

David Koonce

Assoc VP/Dean, Research/Graduate College

Steve Mack

Interim Exec Director, Facilities Management

Brian McCarthy

Assoc Dean, Arts & Sciences

Erin Murphy

Assoc Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Dave Schleter

Lab & Chemical Safety Officer

If access to field or campus settings is necessary for the success of your program, please read these guidelines carefully and submit an Operation Plan on the prescribed form to your department chair or school director, for review and submission to the appropriate Associate Dean.

On-campus Research & Creative Activity:  Guidelines and Form 

Field Research: Guidelines and Form

Please be aware that details of this guidance and process may be subject to change in response to public health requirements and operational considerations.  The current university pandemic guidance and resources relevant to research and creative activity are available at the Research Division website.   Information on Blackboard training required for on-campus work will be posted on that site as it becomes available.

Restrictions on human subjects research announced on March 17 remain in effect and are currently being reviewed.


Joe Shields
Vice President for Research and Creative Activity
Dean of the Graduate College