Faculty Research Support Program 

The Faculty Research Support Program is designed to assist tenured and tenure track faculty at Ohio University in carrying out their research, scholarship, and creative activities. It is expected that faculty who are currently funded on grants support their associated costs for publication and related travel when the sponsor guidelines and funded award budget permits these expenses. Should the external funding agency limit the amount that can be spent, the Faculty Research Support Program can help pick up the difference. Faculty who are not presently funded should make the most use of this program. Research Scientists who do not hold a tenure track appointment must contact the Vice President for Research for special permission to be considered.

This year's program allocation is $20,000. Once the account is exhausted, no additional funding will be provided for a given fiscal year. Requests will not be rolled over to the next fiscal year. Please refer to the rules below to determine what are allowable and unallowable costs. Given the modest amount of funds available, it is likely the fund will become exhausted. Thus, the program works on a first come first served basis.

General Rules and Procedures

This program funds publications, subventions, on-campus conferences, emergency equipment repair, travel for the purpose of meeting with potential sponsors or negotiating a research grant or contract. This program does not fund faculty salary, student stipends, conference travel of any type, grant matching funds, computers and accessories, bridge funds between grants, or equipment. Other types of requests must be made directly to the Vice President for Research Dr. Joseph Shields. Please set up an appointment with Dr. Shields by calling 740.593.0370.

Publication and Subvention Charges are limited to $600 per faculty member per year and are limited to one author per paper. If the author works for or is a student of a faculty member, then the faculty member will make the request and his/her allotment will be charged. When making a request for a publication, the applicant must give the Journal name, the title and a list of all authors. The $600 limit is a total for a year and may be used for more than one publication. Publication/Subvention Support Application is usually through submission of an email to the Administrative Specialist, Stephanie Kearns, at kearnss@ohio.edu.

Travel/Other Support is limited to $1,500 per year per faculty. Those traveling to secure research funding must submit a proposal within one year and indicate the ORSP assigned Uniterm (UT) Number for continued eligibility in the program. Conference travel support is not available through this program. All other requests may not exceed $1,000 per year per faculty. Travel, Equipment Repair, and Other Support Application is through a brief memo containing a justification and a budget.

Questions and Applications should be addressed to:

Stephanie Kearns
Administrative Specialist
Ohio University
104 Research and Technology Center
Athens, OH 45701-2979
Phone: 740.593.0378
Fax: 740.593.0379
Email: kearnss@ohio.edu

NOTE: P-cards may not be used in this program.