Ohio University

Budget Revision

When you need a budget revision, the first step is to submit a request to ORSP via e-mail with a justification for the need to revise the budget. Your justification should describe how this change is necessary to the completion of the original goals and objectives of the project and how reducing certain other categories can be managed, i.e., through salary savings or other internal support. If you need assistance, contact the ORSP Service Center at orsp@ohio.edu or call 740.597.6777 (ORSP).

Expanded Authority

Some external sponsors empower the grantee (Ohio University) to approve certain requests under expanded authority. Expanded authority is the waiver of prior approval requirements by the sponsoring agency. This delegation gives your sponsored programs manager the flexibility to make adjustments to the project.

Consider what changes are needed in the budget to enable you to do what you need to do. If the change does not constitute a change of scope or reduction of your level of effort, and you have expanded authorities (as verified by your sponsored programs manager), you can implement a change immediately and with minimal effort. Identify the budget category which needs to be added or increased and the dollar amount necessary – and identify the categories which need to be reduced to effect the net change. Finally, your sponsored programs manager will communicate the change to be made in the financial accounting system.

Note: Once allowability is determined as described above, there are other considerations which need to be made on a case by case basis: Is the request allocable? Is the request reasonable? An example of something being potentially unreasonable is to request the purchase of equipment in the final months of a grant period. This is why the justification of the need is so important.

No Expanded Authority

Should you need to seek permission to revise your budget and not have expanded authority, you still follow the first step above. Your assigned sponsored programs manager will then communicate with the sponsor on your behalf to seek approval. You should not make purchases outside of the approved budget prior to receipt of this approval from the sponsor because there is always a possibility that the revision will not be approved. In most cases it is necessary to prepare a spreadsheet that clearly shows the original budget in column one and the revised budget in column two as a line item comparison for the sponsor to view.