Award Administration 

From negotiating the award terms and conditions to establishing the account with Grants and Contract Accounting -- the award administration team strives to manage non-financial award needs. Our services are organized in the following areas:

Award Document: Each award document -- letter, check, contract, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), purchase order -- received from the sponsor is reviewed and approved and/or negotiated in accordance with state and federal law, university policy, and the needs of the project director. Once acceptable under these criteria, final signature of the parties is obtained (where needed) and the award is deemed ready for account set up.

Account Set Up: Fully signed agreements along with required paperwork (budget, transmittal form, and statement of work) are translated into Oracle templates and submitted to VP Finance: Grants and Contract Accounting for entry into the financial management system.  After entry, the award letter and related award documents are generated by the LEO system and are emailed to the project director.

Sub-Award or Consulting Agreement: If there is a need for a sub-award or consulting agreement, the award management team will develop the necessary paperwork and manage the process from agreement development to purchase order assignment.

Maintenance: Should the project require an extension of time, a budget revision, a change in the scope of work, or other changes after the award was made, the team is available to provide advice and to accomplish the changes.