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Research at OHIO

Office of Laboratory Animal Resources

The Office of Laboratory Animal Resources serves Ohio University faculty and staff by insuring that acceptable standards are met for the humane care and use of live, vertebrate animals in all research, teaching, training, and biological testing. All Ohio University facilities are AAALAC accredited.

For additional information about purchasing or holding animals at Ohio University, contact Scott Carpenter at 740-593-0927 or by email at  carpentd@ohio.edu.



Ohio University Animal Care Per Diem Rates

Rates effective July 1, 2014

CAGE/ANIMAL TYPE FY 2014/2015 FY 2015/2016 FY 2016/2017
Mouse cage $0.67 $0.69 $0.71
Mouse special needs (i.e. immune deficient, diabetic, ABSL2) $1.01 $1.04 $1.07
Rat cage $1.18 $1.22 $1.25
Rat special needs (i.e. immune deficient, diabetic, ABSL2) $1.77 $1.82 $1.88
Large colony cages $1.49 $1.53 $1.58
Small reptile/amphibian tank (aquaria) $0.98 $1.01 $1.04
Large reptile/amphibian tank $1.38 $1.42 $1.46
Large filtered aquatic systems $6.71 $6.91 $7.12
Paddlefish system $22.42 $23.09 $23.79
Agricultural animal on pasture (goats, sheep, alpaca, llama) $4.57 $4.71 $4.85
Agricultural animal in stalls (goat, sheep, alpaca, llama, swine) $8.56 $8.82 $9.08
Special project technician rate per hour (billed in min. 1/2 increments) $30.00 $30.90 $31.83
*specialized projects may require additional set-up or equipment fees      
**Routine veterinary care included      
Specialized care, surgeries, medicines, etc will be charged by Attending Veterinarian