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Product Development

Wish you had access to product design and precision 3D printing?  

You can access our 3D printer quickly and easily for all of your business needs.



Rapid Prototyping

Sometimes the quicker you can get an idea into reality, the more opportunities you have. Don't waste time. Work with us to quickly produce a prototype from over 100 different materials! 

3-D Sculpture and Art

Do you have a design in your mind you want to bring to reality? Would you like to sell short runs of your sculptures or other art?  Don't just dream it, DO IT! 

On-Demand and Small-Lot Production

Don't wait until you can get a factory to manufacture your idea. You can do short production runs with 3D printing and even produce on-demand without the need to manufacture and store lots of inventory! 

The printer, an Objet350 Connex from Stratasys, has eight print heads to create objects from a wide variety of materials. It can be used to manufacture pieces for student art and engineering design projects or small products that can be sold by regional businesses. It's the largest and most sophisticated 3D printer in the region.

We also offer the services of a trained laboratory director who will assist clients in the process of translating drawings into 3D designs and 3D designs into 3D objects.

To schedule a project on the 3D printer contact Misa Hata, Lab Director of the Innovation Center. 
Innovation Center