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Clients and student designers working in the Additive Manufacturing Lab
Think it. Design It. Make it.

Prototyping and Product Development

The Additive Manufacturing Lab is open to all — the dreamers, designers, artists, engineers, product developers, and entrepreneurs — who have the desire to bring an idea to life.

Think It

With advances in 3D printing technology, it has never been easier to take an idea out of your head and into your hands. From a single 3D print to rapid prototyping and even small-batch production creating or replicating a product or replacement part is faster and more affordable than ever before. With your ideas and our tools and expertise, the possibilities are endless.

Design It

Whether your idea is sketched on a napkin or created using CAD software, we collaborate with you to develop and refine your design to ensure that the final product turns out just as you envisioned. 

Make It

Choose from any of our mid to high-end 3D printers and product development tools:

  • The Form 2 Desktop is an SLA industrial quality resin-based 3D printer
  • The Ultimaker 3 is an FDM dual extruder 3D printer for two-color printing
  • Knockout Mobile Scanner provides mobile scanning for 3D design and printing
  • NewForm 16:16 Vacuum Former has professional forming capability
  • Bantam PCB Milling Machine is a precision desktop printed circuit board milling machine

Getting Started

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a process for creating 3D objects from blueprints called CAD files saved in the .stl format. There are a number of ways to create a CAD file:

  • Create your own — free CAD software is available online on sites like tinkercad.com.
  • Download an existing file — find CAD files for many objects online through sites such as thingiverse.com.
  • Scan an existing object — scanning technology, available at the Innovation Center, can transform an existing object into a CAD file.
  • Get assistance from the Innovation Center - we have designers ready to assist you for an affordable design fee! Contact us at 3dprinter@ohio.edu.

Once your CAD design is created and saved in the .stl format:

  1. Quote - we will provide a cost estimate for your 3D print. Simply email your .stl file to: 3dprinter@ohio.edu 
  2. Material and machine selection - choose the material and 3D printer that are best suited to your design and budget.
  3. Place your order - the final step is to submit your credit card payment online by clicking here. NOTE: Ohio University clients have the option to pay through an internal funds transfer. Once submitted, you will receive an email notification with an estimated production date. We will also notify you when your 3D print is complete!

For more information, contact the Additive Manufacturing Lab:

Misa Hata
Lab Director