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E3 Clean Technologies News Archive 

"GreenBox" Creates Hydrogen, Clean Water from Urine

The answers to clean water, clean air and waste management could all be held inside a box as small as a mini-fridge. E3 Clean Technologies, based in Athens, Ohio, is in the process of producing GreenBoxes, the brainchild of company founder Gerri Botte.
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'Urine power' shows clean energy promise

Researchers at Ohio University are finding success in extracting energy from human urine, enough to power a model car and soon, entire buildings. E3 Technologies, LLC, a firm based in Athens, is developing a "greenbox" that cleans waste water to produce hydrogen energy.
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Harnessing the power of pee: Researchers develop technology to turn urine into hydrogen fuel

Ohio University professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering Gerardine Botte has developed a technology to produce hydrogen fuel from urine. Botte realized that if an electrode is placed into wastewater and a current is applied, the ammonia and urea create hydrogen gas that could power a fuel cell.
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Hydrogen Urine Fuel

Professor Gerardine Botte of Ohio University has developed a process to extract hydrogen from the ammonia and urea found in urine.
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Turning "pee" into power is the mission of E3 Clean Technologies

Gerardine Botte, a professor of biomolecular and chemical engineering at Ohio University, has developed technology to create energy from the ammonia found in human and animal organic waste. She is the founder of Athens-based E3 Clean Technologies and is developing her "SCR GreenBox," the product that will harness the technology for distribution, at the Ohio University innovation Center.
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Next Alternative Energy Source: Pee

Someday, you may be able to power your home by taking a leak. Ohio University biomolecular engineer Gerardine Botte says she has developed a technology that can pull hydrogen power out of pee.
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Golden Gasoline: Use Your Pee for Fuel

A recent scientific advancement could see it that a routine "pit stop" might someday kill two birds with one stone. Empty your bladder and fill your tank. One U.S. chemist has discovered a way for the two needs to come together in an efficient union. A new catalyst has the ability to extract hydrogen from your very own "liquid gold."
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Pee power could fuel hydrogen cars

Scientists develop technology to turn urine into hydrogen fuel which has the potential to fuel cars.
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Cinema Science: The Power of Waste

In "Back to the Future II," director Robert Zemeckis envisioned a future -- now a mere five years away -- in which every home comes with a Mr. Fusion Home Energy Reactor. Mr. Fusion can power just about anything, even the flux capacitor of our favorite time-traveling DeLorean, using everything from banana peels to beer cans. Zemeckis may have overestimated the ubiquity of mini fusion reactors -- not to mention flying cars -- but we have made some progress in transforming waste into power since 1985.
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New firm to develop Ohio University "pee power" wastewater remediation technology

E3 Technologies, LLC, a new firm based in Athens, Ohio, will develop an Ohio University invention called the "GreenBox" designed to clean commercial and agricultural wastewater and produce hydrogen energy - a technology that's been described as "pee power."
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Hey, It's Fuel - Don't Worry About Where It Comes From

As researchers worldwide scramble to find alternatives to oil, they're beginning to make use of some pretty unusual raw materials.
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