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Biotechnology Research & Development Facility (BRDF) 

BRDF Continues to add new lab equipment!

There is a Fotodyne Gel imaging system, Thermo Scientific SpeedVac Concentrator Vacuum, and a Promega Maxwell 16 DNA/RNA purification system. Learn more about each of these pieces of equipment by taking a look at this PDF!


BRDF Lab Fact Sheet (pdf)

The Biotechnology Research & Development Facility (BRDF) was founded in 2010 in the Innovation Center with the goal of facilitating both research and education at Ohio University. The facility provides state-of-the-art instrumentation for chemical and biochemical analysis for Innovation Center start-up businesses and campus-wide researchers.

BRDF is also available to the community, including local colleges and the industrial sector. BRDF provides a variety of advanced methods and research consultation in the design and implementation and facilitating clients' research needs. The Innovation Center's fast-growing, state-of-the-art equipment provides our clients the opportunity to fulfill their desired research goals. It also assists in developing their technology toward commercialization and marketing.

BRDF staff includes a lab director who is familiar in chemical and biochemical instrumentation. The lab director provides clients with training and researchers and students with available instruments and equipment. They also assist in facilitating clients' research goals, troubleshooting problems and data interpretation. Another service the lab director can provide is guidance in the commercialization aspects of a technology for Innovation Center clients. This involves the transfer of technology which simply means taking a device or drug, from research and development, to the market. The commercialization aspect also involves design control.These are manufacture and quality control procedures and understanding the fact that regulatory issues are all critical in the success of small bio-tech businesses.

Available Instruments and Equipment

The Innovation Center facility provides researchers access to state of the art equipment and instruments to conduct a variety of chemical and biological experiments. Instruments and equipment include: 

General Lab Equipment includes:

  • Two Mettler Toledo analytical balances
  • Hotplates (with and without stirring)
  • Assorted glassware and disposables
  • Multi-channel pipette and adjustable pipettes (0.2ul-1000ul)
  • Two Bench top orbital shaker
  • Inverted light microscope with 4X, 10X and 20X objectives
  • Benchtop pH meter
  • Portable pH meter
  • Liquid Nitrogen Dewar
  • Ice Maker
  • Autoclave
  • 20C upright freezer
  • -80C upright freezer
  • Millipore Water Purification System
  • Mini plate spinner for PCR plates
  • Vertical and horizontal gel boxes with power supply
  • 2 - 8C refrigerator
  • Computer work station with PASW Statistics 18 software
  • Three Sterling UltraCold under the counter adjustable temperature freezers
  • Three Sterling UltraCold portable adjustable temperature freezers


Pricing for 2012 - 2013



IC Clients




With Training, Self-

Facility Operated

With Training, Self-

Facility Operated

With Training, Self-

Facility Operated

HPLC No Charge
$25/hr $15/hr $30/hr $25/hr $50/hr
Lyophilizer No Charge
$20/run $15/run $30/run $25/run $50/run
Blood Analyzer
No Charge
$5/run $5/run $10/run $10/run $20/run
Plate Reader
No Charge
$15/hr $20/hr
Tissue Homogenizer
No Charge
$5/run $5/run $10/run $10/run $15/run
LN2 Dewar
- $5/mo. - $5/mo. - $15/mo.
Ultra-Centrifuge No Charge
$5/hr* $5/hr* $5/hr* $5/hr $10/hr
Biofuge No Charge
$5/hr $5/hr $5/hr $5/hr $10/hr
No Charge
$10/gel $15/gel
$15/gel $20/gel
Western Blot and Imaging
                N/A                      N/A
                      N/A                     N/A
Real Time PCR
No Charge
$20/hr $15/hr $25/hr  $25/hr $35/hr
UV-Vis Spectro-photometer
                    No Charge
              $5/run               $5/run
               $10/run                $5/run                $10/run
Biosaf ety/fume hoods
PASW Software Data Analysis
                     No Charge
               $15/hr                $15/hr                $30/hr

*Additional pricing for consumables may apply.


Contact the Biotechnology Research & Development Facility 

Joe Jollick, Lab Director

T: (740) 597-9018
F: (740) 593-0186

For additional needs such as genome sequencing, microarray assays, DNA/RNA, protein analysis and cell cytometry please contact the Ohio University Genomics Facility.


Use of Animals in Research

Policy & Procedure

Laboratory Animal Resources