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Client Companies 

The Innovation Center serves as current home to 17 flourishing client companies, 2 anchor tenants, and 6 affiliate members. We are proud to serve the following companies:

Innovation Center Client List (pdf)

Adena Ventures

Adena Ventures provides equity capital and operational assistance to high-growth businesses located primarily in Appalachia. The principals have decades of experience in venture capital, financial services, strategy, and company operations. Adena's investment focus includes growth-oriented ventures at various stages of development across a broad range of industries. From cutting-edge technology to more traditional opportunities, Adena works with portfolio companies to maximize overall growth.

Contact: Lynn Gellermann
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #8 Athens, OH 45701
Current Room(s): 135A (conference room), 135B

Affine Technologies

AffineAffine Technologies has a platform technology to turn complex data into visualizations creating a human interface for real-time analysis and decision-making. Affine's first product is a data-rich, but low bandwidth communications link to create visual navigation systems for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles at dramatically lower costs. The UAV market is undergoing explosive growth as applications move from military to civilian uses and is forecasted to reach annual sales of $11 billion in 2021. Affine's data visualization solutions have applications in medical technologies, agriscience, education, research and other contexts in avionics.

Contact: Chad Mourning & Scott Nykl
Address: 340 West State Street, Athens, Ohio 45701
Current Room(s): 241

Athenian Venture Partners

Athenian logoWith backgrounds in engineering, manufacturing, medicine, molecular biology, executive management, marketing, and finance, Athenian's five partners bring over 90 years of combined industry and investment experience to the Funds' two practice areas and to its portfolio companies. Drawing on this experience and the partners' deep technical expertise, Athenian provides its companies with more than just capital. Through board representation, and using its resources and network, the team engages with management in resolving key issues. Our partners have assisted the Funds' companies with matters as diverse as strategic development, executive and board recruitment, marketing, licensing and partnering, and the identification and negotiation of exits.

Contact: Fonda Snyder
Phone: (614) 360-1155
Address: 340 West State Street- Unit 29, Athens, Ohio 45701
Current Room(s): 137 A-D

Athens Computers and Multimedia Enterprises, Ltd.


Acme LogoAthens Computers and Multimedia Enterprises Ltd. (ACME) develops and manages computer networks in the Athens area. ACME does computer repair, virus removal, and sells and services computer hardware and software.

Contact: Mark Amon
Phone: (740) 592-1345
Address: 30 East State Street, Athens, OH 45701

Austral Engineering & Softwareprofile

Austral Engineering & Software Inc. (AES) was formed as an S-Corporation on January 1, 1994. The company was created to be a professional firm in the state of Ohio in order to pursue both government and private-sector engineering research and software development projects. In its lifetime, AES has focused on dynamic systems modeling, control system design, system simulation, optimization and corresponding software development. Currently, AES pursues opportunities in non-aerospace related software development areas. AES also is pursuing work in the area of hierarchical, decentralized control of hybrid dynamical systems. Specifically, AES is interested in applications to control distributed, cooperative autonomous agents (ground, air, and space vehicles).

Contact: Daniel Allwine
Phone: (740) 593-5912
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #13 Athens, OH 45701
Current rooms(s): 214, 218, 220, 222

BCS Engineering


BCS Engineering has been providing corporate ecommerce solutions to local and global businesses since 2002. They work closely with the customer to find a solution that works within budget while maintaining a professional appearance. The staff at BCSE has over 30 years combined experience in web development and web customizations and offer a variety of IT services.

Contact: Brandon Saunders
Phone: (740) 331-4481
Address: 25 Grosvenor St., Athens, OH 45701

Business Remixed (Athens County Economic Development Council)


The Athens County Economic Development Council is the champion of business in Southeast Ohio. The organization is a public-private partnership committed to increasing economic opportunity in Athens County by encouraging entrepreneurship, recruiting new businesses, and helping existing businesses grow and expand. 

Contact: Sara Marrs
Phone: (740) 597-1420
Address: 340 West State Street, Unit #26, Athens, OH 45701
Current Room(s): 138

CreMedia Productions, LLC

CreMedia Video Productions began in the fall of 2010 in the college town of Athens, Ohio. Founded by Ohio University video production major Max Rodriguez, the web-based company formed to accomplish a single purpose: To provide anyone willing and able with a creative means to display their individual and collaborative work. CreMedia is dedicated not only to the ideal of producing professional content, but to the notion of innovation and creativity expressed through all elements of their projects.

Contact: Kyle Ackley
Phone: (315) 316-2736
Address: 340 West State Street, Athens, OH 45701
Current room(s): 241

Diagnostic Hybrids


Diagnostic Hybrids innovates, develops, manufactures and markets cellular and molecular diagnostic kits for various applications in detecting a wide range of respiratory diseases, herpes infections, thyroid function, and other high value markers of disease. Their products provide an accurate, rapid and cost-effective diagnosis, and their products are changing the way people use technologies to more effectively diagnose and treat respiratory and other diseases. They strive to address a variety of health issues, impacting the quality of healthcare outcomes and the quality of life.

Phone: (740) 589-3300
Address: 1055 East State Street, Athens, OH 45701 Suite 100
Current Room(s): 136D

Digital Edge Sports

Blue DES logoDigital Edge Sports' focus is on supporting the development and growth of youth sports. They are out to bring professional-grade digital offerings to youth sports organizations and help generate revenue that improves the experience for young sports stars and their families. 

Contact: David Carter
Phone: (980) 228 - 0252
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #30, Athens, OH 45701
Current Room(s): 202

E3 Clean Technologies, Inc.

E3 Technologies is dedicated to working toward the development, deployment, and commercialization of electrochemical devices and technologies used as alternative energy sources. E3 also works to conserve the environment. Founded in 2008 by Dr. Gerardine Botte, the company commercializes technologies for use in waste water remediation, hydrogen production, water and home heating, batteries, fuel cells, and electrolyzers.

Contact: Kent Shields
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #32, Athens, OH 45701
Current room(s): 211 (lab), 240 (office)



ECO2Capture uses its patented membrane technology (developed by Researchers at Ohio University) to offer a cost effective solution for the mass transfer of gases into liquid media. Initial efforts are focused on the use of this technology to enhance the capture of CO2 for use in the production of microalgae products for multiple end use applications - such as nutritional ingredients, specialty chemicals and bio-remediation of nutrient laden water bodies.

Contact: Rick Johnson & Dr. Dave Bayless
Phone: (740) 591-3633
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #33, Athens, OH 45701

Ecolibrium Solar

Ecolibrium Solar manufactures an advanced generation PV solar panel mounting system--The Ecofoot. The "Game Changing" design provides the most rapid installation and flexibility, while allowing for an ultra-low environmental footprint. Engineered to provide the industry's lowest life-cycle cost. This premium-grade polymer design is a patent pending breakthrough in aerodynamic efficiency.

Contact: Brian Wildes

Phone: (740) 331-4300
Address: 340 West State Street, Athens, Ohio 45701
Current Room(s): 243

EZ Asphalt Technologies, Inc. - profile

EZ Asphalt Technologies, Inc. was started by Ohio University Professor Dr. Sang-soo Kim, who has invented a process for on-site testing of asphalt binders. EZ Asphalt Technologies has completed a grant from the National Department of Transportation to refine the process for commercialization and nationwide asphalt grinders are expected to use the device.

Contact: Dr. Sang-Soo Kim
Phone: (740) 597-3230
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #2, Athens, OH 45701
Current room(s): 134C (office), 142 (lab)

First Biotech Inc

First Biotech Logo full sizeFirst Biotech Inc will engage in the production, sale and service of biotechnology products.

Contact: Louay Hallak

Phone: (614) 623-7899
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #18, Athens, OH 45701
Current room(s): 215, 226

Frederick Limited, DBA iEd Worldwide

ied-logo-finaliEd Worldwide offers a special selection of courses designed to enhance your personal and professional development (PD) without the usual hassle and expense of traditional learning. They use the Internet to hold live, interactive courses, and their team will meet the needs of your budget, schedule, and preferred learning style.

Contact: Cory Frederick

Phone: (740) 517-6997
Email: or
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #43, Athens, Ohio 45701
Current Room(s): 134B
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Live Interactive

Live interactive logoLiveInteractive LLC is a startup software development company. The company's purpose is to be an innovative and simple online presence in the world of advertising and marketing.  LiveInteractive is developing a local social media-marketing app that gets people out of their seats and into the streets

Contact: Erica Steauble

Phone: (937) 414-2553
Current Room(s): 241

LiveWires, Inc.

LiveWires, ILivewires new logo!nc. produces high quality custom molded earphones for professional musicians, amateur musicians who'd like to sound like professional musicians and consumers who enjoy listening to their music with the same precision that those who create music demand.

Contact: John Diles
Phone: (740) 593-2668
Email: or
Address: 340 West State Street - Unit #21, Athens
Current Room(s): 140

Molecular Technologies Laboratory LLC

MTL LOGO-1(1) MTL has developed an advanced technology for genetically engineering superior microbial strains and protein products. The current tools are difficult to work with and yield unstable bio production systems resulting in a product development bottleneck. Our engine features a disruptive technology that utilizes a more efficient process to create stable bacterial strains that radically lower process development and production costs. Competing tools rely on plasmid based systems and represent 1980's technology. Our technology enables enhanced microbial strain development that couples product development to production scale up. MTL also extends its stable protein expression technology to include gene/protein sequence optimization. Learn more about MTL by visiting their website or sending them an email.

Contact: JD Kittle
Phone: (949) 302 - 2165
Address: 340 West State Street, Athens, OH 45701 Unit 6
Current room (s): 208, 216

NBIA (National Business Incubation Association)

NBIAThe National Business Incubation Association (NBIA) is the world's leading organization advancing business incubation and entrepreneurship. Each year, it provides thousands of professionals with information, education, advocacy and networking resources to bring excellence to the process of assisting early-stage companies. An elected, voting board of directors representing the world's leading incubators governs the association.

Contact: Tracy Kitts
340 West State Street- Unit 25, Athens, Ohio 45701
Current Room(s): 139, 141

Onyx Scientific


Onyx Scientific, Inc. specializes in making connections, both scientific and intellectual, to move from science to products and then to the marketplace. Founded by professionals with more than 30 years' engagement in Fortune 100 companies and the U.S. Military, the Onyx team provides a cross disciplinary perspective - with knowledge ranging from particle physics to aerospce engineering, from product prototyping to information systems and from advanced mathematics to materials science. Onyx's launch business, the Unmanned Systems division, offers unmnned air vehicles (UAVs) and integrated ground support systems for surveillance and reconnaissance.

Contact: David Prince
Phone (740) 591-4559
Address: 29 Ball Drive, Athens, Ohio 45701

Quick Loadz


QuickLoadz owns a patent pending method of moving sea shipping containers, either empty or full from ground level without the use of cranes, winches or cables. Over 90% of merchandise travels across the oceans in large steel shipping containers.This relatively new way of shipping materials in containers has completely revolutionized world shipping by improving efficiency to the point where it now costs less than 10% to  ship internationally than it did before the shipping container was widely adopted.

Until QuickLoadz, there was no easy way to take a loaded sea shipping container and move it once it came off the ship or rail car. A very heavy crane was needed to pick up a container and place it on a truck trailer at both the starting and delivery points. Loaded containers were, therefore, confined to large yards where this equipment could be used. The container contents were then unloaded into a semi-tractor trailer and reshipped to the end user, who had to have a loading dock to accept the shipment. With a QuickLoadz trailer system, these containers full of merchandise can be picked up and dropped off by any truck. This system will increase the efficiencies of freight, mobile storage, and household moving industries as well as provide benefits to organizations such as FEMA and DOD.

Contact: Sean Jones, CEO
Phone: (888) 304-3946
Address: PO Box 272- The Plains, OH 45780

Graduate Companies