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Laboratory Space

Lab Space Shared Labs Shared Labs

The Shared Labs provide state-of-the-art instrumentation for chemical and biochemical analysis for start-up businesses, industry, and the University's researcher community.
The full-time lab director provides oversight and training on the shared equipment as well as assistance in facilitating clients' research goals, troubleshooting problems, and data interpretation. The IC provides guidance in the commercialization process of taking a device or drug to market with expertise in navigating regulatory and other issues that are critical to the success of bio-tech startups. 
Available equipment:
  • Cryogenic Tissue Homogenizer System (Fisher Scientific)
  • Assorted glassware and disposables
  • Multi-channel pipette and adjustable pipettes (0.2ul-1000ul)

Bench-top pH meter
  • Portable pH meter
  • Ice Maker
  • Millipore Water Purification System
  • Computer work station with PASW Statistics 18 software
  • High Performance Liquid Chromatography (Shimudzu)
  • StepOnePlus Real Time PCR and Thermocycler (Applied Biosystems)
  • Programmable multi-modemicro plate reader (luminescence, fluorescence, and UV-Vis detection) for 96/384 multi-well plates and u1 volume testing adapter includes multi-well micro-modemicro plate washer (Biotek)
  • Vertical and horizontal gel boxes with power supply
  • Multi-cell or single cell UV-VIS Spectrotometer with thermal printer (Thermo Scientific)
  • Hemavet Blood Analyzer (Drew)
  • Western Blot Testing and Imaging
Centrifuges and Shakers
  • Programmable ultra-high speed centrifuge with 3 variety titanium rotors (Beckman Coulter)
  • Programmable temperature-controlled bio-fuge centrifuge (Thermo Scientific)
  • Three Water-jacketed CO2 incubators (Thermo Forma)
  • More centrifuges and rotors coming soon!
  • Water-jacketed CO2 incubator, orbital shaker and inverted microscope
  • Two bench top orbital shaker
  • Programmable environmental chamber (Thermo Scientific)
Low Temperature Storage
  • Liquid nitrogen dewar
  • 20C upright freezer
  • -80C upright freezer
  • 2 - 8C refrigerator
  • 3 Sterling UltraCold under the counter adjustable temperature freezer
  • 3 Sterling UltraCold portable (runs on cigarette lighter) adjustable temperature freezers
Water Baths/Hotplates
  • Hotplates (with or without stirring)
  • AMG Evos digital inverted fluorescence microscope
  • Inverted light microscope with 4X, 10X and 20X objectives
  • Two Mettler Toledo analytical balances
Hoods/Safety Cabinets
  • Concept chemical fume hood (Fisher Hamilton)
  • Two Class II Bio-safety Cabinets for bacteria and virus work and mammalian cell/tissue culturing (Thermo Forma)
  • Autoclave
  • High-temperature oven (VWR Scientific)
For more information, email Misa Hata, Lab Director,  or call (740) 597-9018.  Access to the equipment in the shared labs is a no-cost perk for IC clients.
For reasearchers not affiliated with the IC, please refer to the Wet Lab Equipment pricing sheet.
Other facilities on campus include:

Ohio University Genomics Facility
Genome sequencing, microarray assays, DNA/RNA, protein analysis as genome sequencing

Edison Biotechnology Institute
EBI provides an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial environment fosters basic discovery research, the development of new technology -- and the transfer of that technology to the private sector to create companies, jobs and investment in Ohio.
Innovation Center