VID Diplodocus RP DSC00871

Finished Objects

How can I repair a broken product?

Remember, these are for the most part prototypes!  Your plastic bottle opener probably wont hold up again that nice cold beer!  In case your object does break, we have found Krazy Glue works perfectly for putting it back together.

What kind of Post-Production applications can I do to my product?

Finished objects can be painted, lacquered, sanded, photo-bleached, buffed, drilled and tapped, and have other materials glued to them (Krazy glue works great!).  It all depends on the type of material you are using and your applications.  Here is a useful link for post production finishing applications.

What types of paint can I apply to my product?

You can paint your objects with a variety of paints to make them come alive.  Oil based, acrylic, spray or enamel model paints and clear lacquers. Some of the resins can also accept dyes.