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The Industry Partnerships Office

The mission of the Industry Partnership Office (InPO) is to find and enhance synergies between university and corporate partners for mutual benefit, as well as for the economic and cultural enrichment of the state of Ohio and region.

InPO supports the creation and growth of a broad spectrum of relationships between industry partners and the university’s internal stakeholders including collaborations for research, technology commercialization, entrepreneurship, philanthropy and student internship and career placement services.

If you are a business searching for a university partner:

We will match OHIO’s vast resources to your company’s specific needs no matter what type of relationship you seek. InPO will make the right connections for you quickly and will serve as a first point of contact with the university stakeholder(s) best suited to achieve your goals.

We can be your guide to efficiently navigate the university’s processes throughout the entire life cycle of a partnership. This includes helping you to identify potential partners, facilitating discussions to develop the scope of a project, executing agreements, and understand any constraints. Ultimately, our goal is to make partnering processes clear and efficient so you come to recognize our ability to meet your needs.

If you or your organization is interested in partnering with OHIO, start your collaboration by connecting with the Director of Industry Partnerships, Kevin V. King, Ph.D. or completing our brief contact form below.


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Kevin V. King, Ph.D.
Director of Industry Partnerships

T: 740.593.1775
F: 740.593.0186

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